Tower Rental Fleet & SUP Crew Locations

Find a Tower Paddle Board near you and try before you buy!

Rental Locations and SUP Crews do not sell inventory. Aside from our flagship San Diego showroom, all sales are made online.

SUP Crews

The SUP Crews shown on this map are those that have Tower Stand Up Paddle Boards and are willing to show them to those interested in checking out a board before they buy. In order to arrange a viewing, you may contact the Crew Founder through the "Website" link provided for each Crew location or email

Tower's SUP Crews are an integral part of who Tower is. These Crews are part of the Tower family and are the company's most avid supporters. Each of them share two things in common: a passion for stand up paddle boarding and the desire to be an exclusive part of the Tower team.

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SUP Rentals

Clicking a rental location will display which Tower board(s) the particular location carries, as well as a link to their website and contact information.

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world, so it's an ideal time to establish a SUP rental business in your area. Most people who are looking to get into SUP will try to rent one a few times to see if they like it before they buy. You can typically rent paddle boards for $20 per hour, $40 for half a day, $60 for the full day, or up to a few hundred for a week. Get yourself a dozen boards and stake up a tent any where there is water, and you're in business. Include Tower boards in your offerings and we'll add you to our map and send you customers from among the 40,000 unique visitors that visit our site each month from all over the world.

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