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  iSUP Package - 14' Racing / Touring Xplorer SUP
Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Package
Tower Xplorer
Inflatable SUP Package
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An "On the go" SUP racing/touring board that's also lightening fast. At 14' long and 8" thick, this is a revolutionary inflatable design. Originally designed for the jet-setting SUP-racing crowd, the Tower Xplorer inflatable SUP package is also ideal for anyone that just wants a crazy fast flat-water touring board.

Includes a 3-PC adjustable aluminum SUP paddle and a high-pressure hand pump.

Or buy iSUP board only for $865

Note: A typical iSUP package of this quality would retail in a store for $1475.

2-Year Warranty on iSUPs (does not apply to included accessories)

List Price: $1,475.00
Our Price: $999.00
You save $476.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Product Code: BD-TWR-EXP-PKG

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Introducing the 14' Tower Xplorer SUP Package

Includes a 14' by 32" by 8" inflatable SUP, a 3-PC Aluminum Paddle, a high-pressure SUP pump, and a high-end Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad, a standard longboard fin box with a removable center fin, a hand hold strap, a roll-up carrying strap, a towing ring on the nose, and a leash attachment ring on the tail.

A New Frontier in Inflatable SUPs

It will shock you how fast the 14' Tower Xplorer inflatable paddle board is. At 8" thick, it will also shock you how rigid it is. At the time of introduction, not only is there no other 14' iSUP on the market. Nor is there any other 8" thick iSUPs on the market. The Xplorer represents and entirely new class of paddle board, and everyone who tries it falls in love.

Traditional hard board unlimited racing class SUPs are the fastest boards on the market. At 14' or longer, and with many over 7.5 inches thick, they also present a massive storage and transportation problem. For speed and glide, the longer the better, but it's a bitter tradeoff. You need an oversized room or garage to store them, and you've got to crate them for shipping (at a cost of $1000s per shipment). This is largely why more manageable 12'6" length hard boards have become the standard racing class size, but really they're still monsters to transport.

However, when you go with an inflatable, the length is largely irrelevant for storage and transportation as you just roll them up and go. We figured the longer the better, and we were right on the money. Once we tested the boards, we were blown away at the speed. It's the fastest board in our entire line-up... and if fits in a duffel bag when rolled up.

Amazing Rigidity

Be weary of newer boards made with the fused process. While they may be lighter, they lose rigidity and durability in this newer construction process and are much lower quality boards overall.

The Tower Xplorer Inflatable SUP is made from extremely rugged materials like those you'd find on the highly regarded Zodiac boats and extreme river rafts. The amazing rigidity in the Xplorer is created by thousands of vertically oriented strands of identical length that connect the top deck to the bottom. When inflated, they form a structure that has the rigidity of a piece of plywood, and the thicker you go the exponentially more rigid it gets. The Tower Xplorer is an unparalleled 8" thick. You'll be amazed. We can literally put the front tip of the 14' Tower Xplorer on one chair and the rear tip on another chair and a 200 lb person can stand in the middle and you can barely see the thing flex.

A Viable EPS/Epoxy Board Alternative - We're not kidding!

Traditionally, inflatable SUPs were only a consideration for traveling - store one in the cuddy cabin on your yacht, take it with you on the plane, or haul it into that secret mountain lake or river and you can stand up paddle board in the farthest corners of the earth. With the combination of speed and rigidity of the Tower Xplorer, an inflatable SUP is hard to beat on flatwater with anything less than a full-fledged racing hard board... and don't be surprised if it outperforms a few of those.

Benefits of an Inflatable SUP over an EPS/Epoxy board

  • Easier to store - When rolled up, it's 1 foot in diameter and 37" wide.

  • Indestructible - Never worry again about dings and board cracks. I've literally thrown these things off a 2nd story deck and I frequently set it down anywhere (gravel, a parking lot, even on cement stairs).

  • Easier to transport - No need for roof racks. About the size of a rolled sleeping bag, it easily fits in any car or boat, and can even be strapped onto a bicycle or motorcycle. You can even take it on a plane.

  • Softer - You can literally play bumper boats with these. Kids can jump from one board to the other like they're jumping on an inner tube. You won't get knocked out in the waves either.

  • Easy on the feet - While very rigid, the air does cushion your feet a lot more than a hard board, no matter how good the deck pad is.

  • Less expensive - Which also makes it a great idea as a second board for travel or guests.

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Fun, Stable Board January 28, 2016
Review by: Roger Reece from Atlanta, GA  
This big, thick board is fun, very stable and great for anyone looking for a big board.  Don't expect it to be a racing board.  Because of it's size and 32" width, it's not going to win any races.  But if you want a fun, big board that's stable enough for anyone to ride, this is a good choice

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Fantastic ! June 10, 2015
Review by: James Snead from Orlando Florida  
Great board, very good value and very tough. Have had over 400lbs of people on board and it was fine. Easy to transport. We bought a 12v air pump, because in Florida hand pumping in 95 heat and humidity is no fun and it inflates in under 5 minutes. Lots of room for gear. We get a lot of people asking about it and when we let them try it they are always impressed. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a very stable multipurpose board.

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A Review in Progress Cont'd April 24, 2015
Review by: Kat from Florida  
Soo I have had this almost a year. Have used it probably 12 times now. I keep it rolled up in my car (Nissan Cube, fits perfect in the back area) No leaks, No breakdown of materials, still havent bothered to try to stand on it but it makes the best kayak ever. I just have to add the extra rings and I can add kayak seat backs. I couldnt have asked for a better product. Super portable and has held up super well in the Florida heat so far.

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Perfect Board for Me! February 19, 2015
Review by: MikeP from Ohio  
After learning to SUP on Kauai in 2010 I have been waiting a long time to get my own but don't have the space in the garage nor the vehicle that can transport a board. I was skeptical about an inflatable but finally got a chance to try one at a recent paddling event and I was blown away by the speed and comfort of the Explorer. When my board arrived it was just as described and it took only 8 minutes to inflate it to 12 psi and I couldn't be happier. Just wish we had some warm weather now (Ohio) so I could get on the water already but thanks to Tower's recent Black Friday sale I am a proud iSUP owner!

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A Review in Progress July 24, 2014
Review by: Kat from Cape Coral, FL United States  
Ordered 7/16,shipped next day, rcvd 7/23.

Unpacked, unrolled, plastic extremely heavy duty and came w/strap.

I used my 12v car high pressure pump to inflate to 6psi, directions say 10 but I was just worried it would explode. Took about 5 min total. Board was super firm, sounded like planks of wood when I set it on the floor. Fat girl (that is me) sat on it and then stood on it and there was almost no give at all. This board is FIRM!! I will update more tmrw after I take it out on the water.

Delfation was a snap it's own weight makes it the easiest inflatable to deflate I have ever experienced. Fits perfectly in the back of my Nissan Cube. Will report more later but for now am THRILLED!

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