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Tower Stand Up Paddle Boards

The Tower SUP line of Stand Up Paddle Boards are fitness and beach oriented with a hint of Southern California style. Stand up paddling is the perfect full body workout for those drawn to an active outdoor lifestyle. These boards were designed with that in mind, and designed to get people from all over spending more time on the water. Get ready for a hobby that’s going to tone and trim your body into beach shape while you’re simply having a blast with your friends.

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Tower Fit 9’10” Tower Social 11’5” Tower Competitor 12’6”
Our Price: $799.00

Our Price: $849.00

Our Price: $899.00

Tower Fit SUP 9'10" Tower Social SUP 11'5" racing sup

Introducing the Tower SUP Line

Tower SUP Boards
Double-concave bottom improves flat-water tracking and speed in the surf

Purposefully Shaped and Designed
The Tower SUP line was designed and developed in Southern California by a 25-year veteran surfboard shaper that’s been featured in Surfer Magazine. While they were designed within earshot of the breaking ocean waves in San Diego, both designs are that of all-around SUPs with a focus on fitness-oriented stand up paddle enthusiasts – one that will likely be used 50% of the time for just paddling around for fitness, about 30% for sea and lake exploration, and about 20% for surfing. They are designed to be very surf friendly in smaller/fun 2-4 foot waves, but with a mind towards flat water paddling as well.

Distinguishing Design Features

  • Double concaves on the bottom - Enhanced flatwater tracking, faster in the waves
  • More floatation and stability – A critical component of enjoying SUP. More is always better
  • Ample rocker & beefier rails up front - To avoid nose dives, and get up and over the chop
  • Premium Futures fin boxes - Not the cheapest fix boxes we could find
  • Classic 1960 triple stringer surfboard look –turns heads under your arm or on your car
  • Sanded finish, not painted – faster in the water, lighter, and wears more gracefully

Two Sizes
There are two boards in the Tower SUP line, an extremely high-floatation 9’10” Tower Fit SUP and an 11’5” “tandem friendly” Tower Social SUP. Due to a well thought out design, our 9’10” board has better floatation and stability than most 12' boards on the market. It can float a 250 lb person effortlessly, as well as a full sized adult and a child riding on the nose. It’s also 20% lighter and far easier to store, which is a huge deal you’ll quickly discover as you get into stand up paddle boarding. The 11’5” Tower Social SUP board is a quasi tandem board.

Tower SUP Comparison
Tower Fit 9'10" on top, next to our 11'5" tandem friendly Tower Social SUP

Available for Pick-up or Immediate Delivery
Both Tower epoxy SUPs are currently available for viewing and pick-up purchase in our San Diego shop. If you order online, your board will typically ship out within a day.