Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to ALMOST EVERY question on stand up paddle boarding

Top 10 Post-Purchase Questions

Tower Fit 9'10" & Tower Social 11'5" Top 10 Questions

#1 - How do I install the center fin?
#2 - How do I install the vent plug (the big bolt & hex wrench)?
#3 - What's the little red hex wrench for?
#4 - I see empty fin boxes. Do I need side fins?
#5 - My SUP board isn't here yet? How can I track it?
#6 - How does my SUP board get delivered?
#7 - I got part of my order, but no SUP board yet? What's going on?
#8 - How do I ride this SUP?
#9 - How do I straighten out the tracking of my SUP?
#10 - I dinged my SUP. How do I repair a SUP?

Inflatable SUP Boards Top 10 Questions

#1 - How do I inflate an inflatable SUP board?
#2 - What PSI do I inflate my inflatable SUP to?
#3 - How do I install the center fin on my inflatable SUP?
#4 - Can I use an electric pump to inflate my inflatable SUP?
#5 - How do I deflate an inflatable SUP?
#6 - What is the gray wrench-like thing for?
#7 - How do I fix a leaking valve on an inflatable SUP?
#8 - How durable is my inflatable SUP?
#9 - How do I patch my inflatable SUP?
#10 - How long does my inflatable SUP hold air?

SUP Paddles Top 10 Questions

#1 - What length is ideal for my SUP paddle?
#2 - How do I cut my SUP paddle?
#3 - How do I epoxy my SUP handle?
#4 - Will Tower cut & glue my SUP paddle?
#5 - Do I paddle with the SUP blade angle forward or backward?
#6 - How do I care for my SUP paddle?
#7 - What's the best SUP paddling technique?
#8 - What happens if I whack the side rails of my SUP board?
#9 - Does my SUP paddle float?
#10 - Is there a risk that my SUP paddle will snap?