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Tower Careers

We build tools that engage the human spirit.

We don't think of work as work, and play as play. It's all living to us. Extraordinary living, we believe, should be about having fun, learning new things, and relentlessly pushing yourself to venture beyond. Here, you get paid to live extraordinarily. Kind of like being a child again. But with a salary.

The Tower brand ethos is about living differently & defying convention in a beachy lifestyle kind of way. Whether it's our 5-hr workdays, our weekly "stoke reports", or our exotic team trips, our brand defines how we run our business. Our shared goal is to inspire and enable millions to live differently too.

Welcome to Tower. Live Differently.



Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego

In 2014 Tower was named the Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego. We'll make the top 10 this year too. And the INC 500. We're billionaire Mark Cuban's best investment of ABC's Shark Tank, and we just wrapped filming for next season's "Beyond the Tank". Our aim over the next 2-3 years is to be named among the "Best places to work in San Diego."



We work differently

Our workweek is better than most people's vacations.

We do a 5 hour work day M-F, 8am-1pm. The rest of the day is yours to live extraordinarily - to be active, to nourish your relationships, and to pursue your passions. To a large degree, our passions are significantly aligned with our work. You can find us occasionally burning the candle late on a project, but it's because we love to, not because we have to. We're building a great brand, but we're also each building our own great careers, respectively.



The Tower Values

#1. Be positive

#2. Be hungry & driven

#3. Be authentic & passionate

#4. Be fun-loving & social

#5. Be open-minded & think differently

#6. Be selfless & family/team oriented

#7. Believe my body is my temple

#8. Be a transparent communicator



5-Hour Work Days

In 1914 Henry Ford defied convention and changed the world. He shifted his worker's standard work day from the widely accepted 10-16 hour day to an 8-hour day. In doing so he doubled their wage to $5/hr and greatly improved the quality of life of millions.

Today's world is much different that it was 100 years ago. We rethought the 8-hr work day, and decided it was outdated and largely irrelevant in today's highly productive knowledge work environment. Defying convention is part of the Tower brand ethos, so we moved to a concentrated 5-hr work day, 8am-1pm. We get out and nurture fuller lives. You should too!



5% Profit Sharing

Everyone on the Tower team participates in our profit sharing plan. Each quarter, 5% of company profits get put into a bonus pool, from which star performers receive bonuses tied to oustanding levels of effort and productivity.



Epic Tower Parties

We throw beach parties and holiday parties for us and friends, and we're always looking to go bigger here.



Weekly "Stoke Reports"

We get together and share positive news and great moments from team member's weeks. By design, this isn't your regular weekly meeting. This is about creating an environment of appreciation and visibility into what extraordinary things the amazing team around you is accomplishing.



Daily Gratitude Blog

A daily practice of reporting 3 things we're grateful for each morning to a shared app. A practice that is scientifically proven to increase happiness 30%. We're a happy lot.



Team Trips

Once or twice a year, we go somewhere fun and exotic to relax and enjoy life. Baja, Costa Rica, wherever sounds fun.




Random Experiences

Almost weekly, the team will take advantage of our 1pm sign-off to enjoy activities such as volleyball, surfing, go carting, lobster hunting, wine tasting, cooking classes, bonfires, sports events, etc, whatever sounds fun.



How to Join The Tower Team



A Carefully Crafted Team

We employ only A players that accomplish more in 5 hours than most people do in a couple days. If you are one, you know it. We'd like to meet you.

We operate with a brand-as-business mentality, so finding a fit with our company culture is just as important as finding highly talented individuals. We are looking for both.

Selection Process

We are always looking for amazing people. If we find one, we'll hire you and create a position for you. Most of our team works day to day in the marketing, communications, and business development function. All of our team works in the San Diego office.

Step 1: Application

To be considered, submit both a traditional resume and a 2-3 minute VIDEO COVER LETTER. In the video cover letter, cover a few reasons why you are exceptional, and why you want to join Tower. We're more interested in you than your videographer skills, so a quick iPhone video will do. Converse to a friend behind the camera or something so it's a natural process. Creativity is a plus, of course, but not a requirement. If you're great, we'll want to hire you either way. Google "Mindvalley video cover letter" for an example of what we're looking for. Upload your video cover letter to YouTube and send us a link to the video and a copy of your traditional resume to No phone calls or walk ins please.

Step 2: Screening

We get a lot of applicants and we're highly selective. We will always confirm receipt of your application via email so you know it landed in the right spot. If you are a candidate that we would like to bring in for an interview, we will contact you. We tend to hire great people when we find them, whether we have a need or not, but if we are not in immediate need of hiring someone, but you are a great fit, we'll keep you in mind as soon as something comes open.

Step 3: Interview

We'll have you meet with 2-3 of our principal team members for an in person interview. The whole process will take place on the same day and should take less than an hour. If you are remote, for the right person, we can accommodate a Skype interview. All postions require you to live and work in San Diego.

Step 4: Job Offer

If we make you an offer, we will contact you via phone and follow-up with a written offer. We can accommodate your schedule to set a starting date.