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Tower is an SUP manufacturer offering direct pricing on the best stand up paddle boards, carbon fiber and wooden SUP paddles, flatwater paddleboarding accessories, stand up paddle surfing gear, and even inflatable SUP surfing boards. Shop online worldwide or visit our San Diego store where you can learn how to stand up paddle board with lessons or paddle board rentals.

Save $400 on SUP boards and $100 on SUP paddles, nationwide.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Shopping

... minus the clutter and confusion

For a customer that is simply looking for the all around best standup paddle board, the best inflatable SUP, the cheapest paddle board, the lightest carbon fiber SUP paddle, or the most economical standup paddle, there is a dizzying array of options in the SUP surfing and flatwater market. Often times choice is nice, but sometimes it can lead to paralysis by analysis. I've been in your shoes shopping for SUP boards, paddles, and accessories, and this experience falls into the later. That's really the impetus for starting Tower Paddle Boards.

With over one hundred SUP brands out there with dozens of SUP and accessory offerings each, there are literally thousands of boards and accessory products to sift thru out there. We figured someone needed to step in and clarify things for a prospective consumer. Our original plan was to simply identify the top company in each product category, and offer only their products. Then where we felt we could add something ourselves, we'd develop our own product, cut out the middlemen, and sell it direct. Nothing else! Initially we'd identify and offer the highest quality brand of SUP boards for surfing, SUP inflatables, and flat water boards. Then we'd identify and offer the highest quality brand of stand up paddles in carbon fiber, carbon kevlar, and fiberglass. Next we would identify and offer the best value in SUP boards, and the best value in paddles. Our plan was never to become a superstore with the widest selection, but rather to have a highly curated offering.

Pretty quickly we realized the bigger opportunity to provide real value to customers was to cut out the middleman entirely and start manufacturing our own boards, paddles, and accessories. So we did. This allowed us to sell comparable quality boards for much cheaper, or far better quality boards for about the same prices as other brands were selling very basic boards. Understand, we are not a cut-rate discounter because we have better prices. We just employ a completely different business model. In fact, our customers quickly started to realize that we had better quality often times that products that were selling at double the price in retail, and customer service was better all around as they had direct access. We may well offer some of the most expensive boards you can find anywhere, just as well offer you some of the most unbelievable prices on other boards. Don't confuse what we offer you just because we're on the web. We just keep an eye on the market for you and help you get to the point. That's how we prefer to shop, and we figure we're not the only ones!

Direct to Consumer

Were truly a direct to consumer SUP retail company. We play in both the high-end and low-end of the paddle board market. With some of our boards, we intentionally push the envelope on using the the most expensive materials and construction methods available, and others are made with production costs in mind. Ironically, our customers save even more money on our high-end boards. We import direct to San Diego and sell directly to the public at wholesale prices at our beach side San Diego customer experience store and online worldwide at

The combination of direct local sales, yet massive worldwide reach due to our significant web presence gives the feel and expertise of buying from a local surf shop, yet the economics of scale advantages of buying direct from an SUP factory. We leverage these competitive advantages to provide value at both ends of the market. We do this by bring down the price on high-end stand up paddle surfing boards (while matching quality), and bring up the quality on low-cost SUP boards (while matching prices).

The Tower Company

Tower Paddle Boards, or Tower (as in a lifeguard tower), is a dedicated stand up paddle boarding brand. As a San Diego based company strategically located in the heart of Southern California, our operations are at the epicenter of the worldwide surf culture for over half a century. Our SUP company was founded two blocks from the surf and seven blocks from Mission Bay, a paradise of over 4000 acres of stand up flat water paddling.

While we are physically intertwined within the surf community, our presence reaches around the world thanks to our management teams Internet savvy and eCommerce expertise. Whereas most SUP companies branched into the stand up market from the surf industry and bring with them that worldview, Tower comes from a broader consumer products and services background. Thus compared to the overwhelming majority of the SUP paddle, paddle board & accessories market, Tower is a little different. The Tower business model is not constrained by the 3-layer legacy surf shop distribution model that 95% of the SUP retail and SUP wholesale market is tied to. Untethered, we market & sell direct.

The SUP Triple Threat

Part SUP surfing, part touring, and part full-body workout!

Stand up paddle boarding, a sport that for all practical purposes didn't exist before 2005, was adopted by surfers in Hawaii as a way to spend more time in the water and also keep in shape during the off-season when the surfing waves were small. Get a carbon fiber canoe paddle and a longboard (one that could support someone standing on it) and simply standup paddle it around. The core and upper body workout was phenomenal, and while you could still catch waves, the waves weren't an absolute requirement. SUP flatwater (stand up paddle flatwater) touring has an allure all its own. A stand up paddle boarder doesn't get wet, can move across the water three times as fast as a surfer paddling in the prone position, and has an advantageous perch to peer into water below. Not surprisingly, coastal SUP, in addition to river SUP and lake paddling, naturally lent itself towards exploration. A new triple threat sport was born part surfing, part exploration, and lastly, and most importantly, part phenomenal core body workout.

Because of this triple threat effect, stand up paddling is currently experiencing booming growth worldwide in areas with and without surf and regardless of water temperature. The market went from warmer coastal areas with waves to anywhere there's water. Insiders within the water sports industry are convinced it is destined to become the number two water sport worldwide, trailing only swimming.

Quite simply, SUP is surfing, evolved.

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