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Inflatable Paddle Boards Direct-to-Consumer

The idea is simple; eliminate 3rd party retailers, wholesalers, resellers, and clueless store clerks who do little more than eat margins and upsell the price. Instead, go straight to the source and get quality products at half the price.

Tower is the leading paddle board manufacturer, offering direct to consumer pricing on the best inflatable paddle boards, classic wood stand up paddle boards, SUP paddles, and paddleboarding accessories. By selling direct to consumer only, we're able to offer consumers incredible pricing on the best quality paddle boards you can buy. Research paddle boards with our SUP board selection tool and buy online or visit our waterfront SUP showroom in San Diego, the Tower Beach Club.

A Stand Up Paddle Board Brand You Can Trust

With over a decade of experience helping paddle boarding enthusiasts find quality SUP products at low prices, Tower Paddle Boards has become a leading stand up paddle board brand known around the world. As a pioneer in inflatable paddle boards, we offer best in class quality at an incredible low pricing. We earn our customers business every day. Here's our track record:

2012 - Tower gets backing from Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark Tank.

2013 - Mark Cuban names Tower as his best investment in the history of Shark Tank.

2014 - Tower is named the #1 fastest growing private company in San Diego, California.

2015 - Tower iSUPs are named "one of the 10 most impressive products in the US on the INC 500" and Tower ranks #239 on INC Magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US. Later that year, Tower invents the Five Hour Workday and rolls it out to the entire staff.

2016 - In a busy year, Tower is named one of the top 5 SUP brands in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezo's name drops Tower Paddle Boards in his annual letter to stockholders, and Harvard publishes an HBR case on Tower.

2017 - The prestigious Robb Report names Tower's Chris Craft iSUP the #1 best SUP worldwide over $2400 & $3400 competitor SUPs

2018 - People Magazine features Tower as one of Shark Tank's "Most Successful Products Ever" with $34M in sales

2019 - The Five Hour Workday phenomenon invented at Tower Paddle Boards in 2015 and subsequently spread to over 10 million people worldwide is featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

The Tower team has worked hard to build a paddle board brand consumers like yourself can trust. Check out what we have to offer. We're confident we offer the finest quality paddle boards on the market at amazing value with our direct to consumer only business model, and match that with industry leading customer service. Shop around our site and see for yourself.

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Tower Team Trip to Mexico

To show you how serious we are about earning your business, here are some comprehensive paddle boarding resources our expert paddle boarding team has put together to help you educate yourself on everything SUP:

Best Inflatable SUP

Get the inside scoop on the best inflatable SUP and how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also learn how to tell the real iSUPs reviews from the fake ones. Learn more >>

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards

Take a deep dive on construction methods for both hard paddle boards and iSUPs. It will help you determine how to assess quality, buy value, and avoid mistakes in your paddle board purchase process. Learn more >>

SUP Boards / SUP Paddles Retail Shop

Our headquarters and SUP retail showroom are directly on the beach in beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego. You can paddle board right off the patio of our Tower Beach Club, which also doubles as a high-end 4500 square foot indoor/outdoor waterfront event venue. Take a look inside, or come visit when you are in town. Learn more >>

Paddle Boarding Guide

We've created one of the most comprehensive pages on how to paddle board including learning, SUP board selection, and SUP accessories to consider. With detailed instructional "how to SUP" text, helpful paddle boarding videos, and beautiful SUP imagery, you can get up to speed quickly. Learn more >>

Paddle Board Prices

SUP prices vary from $200 to about $3000, but this paddle board price variability has more to do with what sales channel you buy thru and how much YOU are paying to be advertised to, than it does with the quality of paddle board you receive. Learn more >>  

Paddle Boarding Near Me

With well over $30 Million in sales, we've got stand up paddleboards all over the world. We've put together a map so you can find a Tower paddle board near you to try out. We've put together comprehensive lists of places offering paddle surfing lessons, SUP tours, and paddle board rentals. Even if you can't find one of our inflatable paddle boards near you, you can try any board near you and then come to us when you are ready to get your own stand up paddle board. Learn more >>

SUP Buying Guide

Our SUP buying guide gives you a quick overview of things you should consider when buying your first SUP. From there, you can jump into deeper discussions on topics that interest you. Learn more >>

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Find inflatable paddle board reviews from high trust sources, and learn Tower's storied history as a pioneer in iSUPs. Learn more >>

Paddle Boards for Sale

While we specialize in iSUPs, we offer paddle boards for all uses. Learn more >>

Inflatable Paddle Boards - Also known as iSUPs, these boards are taking over the industry because of their portability/storability, indestructibility, and hardboard like rigidity

SUP Boards (Epoxy) - Not all hardboards are the same. But quality once.

Fishing Paddleboards - Add a cooler that doubles a seat and you can catch dinner or pull up crab pots.

SUP Surfing - You need a specific shape paddle board for surfing that has well designed rocker and bottom contour.

Paddle Board Yoga - A wide, stable inflatable board offers stability plus comfort.

Touring Paddle Boards - For long distance paddling, you want a longer board that tracks well.

Used Paddle Boards - Get an amazing deal when we have returns and exchanges available.

Enjoy this video that gives the low down on our best in class inflatable paddle boards.

Welcome to Tower Paddle Boards. We like to think of ourselves as a stand up company :)

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards