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Tower Paddle Boards has been disrupting the paddle board industry with unbeatable direct-to-consumer value and innovation since 2010. Funded by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.
100,000 Customers Since 2010
Our boards last well above industry averages
With over 10 years producing boards, we know what works
Whether large or small, our boards offer smooth sailing

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The leader in direct-to-consumer value & quality. See our comparison chart here or use our board finder quiz.
ELITE Series
4.78 out of 5
from $549
Big Riders Love Stiffness
800% More Rigid
3-year Warranty
for Experts & Competitors
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TOWER Classic
4.82 out of 5
from $349
Industry Leading Durability
325% More Rigid
2-year Warranty
Our Core Series
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5.00 out of 5
from $249
Lightweight Construction
250% More Rigid
1-year Warranty
for Beginners
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A Stand-Up Paddle Board Company You Can Trust

Over 100,000 happy paddle-boarding customers in over 12 years. Discover the best paddle boards and accessories. Tower Paddle Boards is a pioneer in inflatable paddle boards and a leading stand-up paddle board brand known around the world. We offer the best quality at incredibly low pricing.
Here’s Our Track Record of Success:
Founded in 2010, Tower’s pioneering direct to consumer (“DTC”) only business model enabled them to disrupt the paddle board industry by skipping the middleman and offering the highest quality paddle boards to consumers at half price. Disruption #1 complete, with the winner being consumers!
Tower invented the 6” thick inflatable paddle board and unveiled it on ABC’s Shark Tank (filmed July 2011, aired March 2012) attracting an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban. In the following 5 years, inflatable paddle boards (“iSUPs”) would go from less than 1% of the SUP market to over 70% (Over 90% today). As a result, the number of people who can enjoy paddle boarding explodes. Disruption #2 complete.
Mark Cuban raves about Tower being one of his best Shark Tank investments ever, and People Magazine features founder Stephan Aarstol as one of Shark Tank’s Big Winners. Tower’s 2-year growth rate of 1062% would shortly earn them the title of the #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego.
Tower iSUPs are named one of the 10 most impressive products in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, while also being ranked #239 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Tower also invented the 5-hour workday this year, and cemented themselves as a pioneer in the Shorter Workday Movement.
Jeff Bezos’ name dropped Tower in his annual letter to stockholders. Harvard University’s Harvard Business Review (“HBR”) authored a case study entitled, “Selling on Amazon at Tower Paddle Boards.” The Five Hour Workday book garnered press in over 20 countries and spread the idea to over 10 Million people worldwide.
Tower's inflatable paddle boards were named the #1 paddle board worldwide by the prestigious Robb Report. Tower was also selected to Internet Retailer’s “Hot 100” list of the world’s most innovative e-retailers.
Tower's 5-Hour Workday was named a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Awards. The revolutionary workplace innovation was covered by hundreds of media outlets worldwide including: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and many more.
The International Business Times named Tower Founder Stephan Aarstol to the Social Capital Top 100, a list of brand leaders and industry giants worldwide whose real product is helping improve the state of humanity.

Paddle Board Resources

Compiled by Tower's Experts

Want to learn more about paddle boarding? Explore these resources our expert team has put together:
Understanding Paddle Board Quality
Take a deep dive on construction methods for both hard paddle boards and ISUPs. This will help you determine how to assess quality, buy value, and avoid mistakes in your paddle board purchase process.
[  learn more  ]
Complete Guide to Paddle Boarding
We've created one of the most comprehensive pages on how to paddle board including: flat water SUP and paddle surfing technique, board selection guides, basic equipment guides, and recommendations on SUP accessories to consider. With our detailed instructional "how to SUP" guide, helpful paddle boarding videos, and beautiful SUP imagery, you can get up to speed quickly.
[  learn more  ]
Paddle Board Price Variability Explained
SUP prices vary from $200 to about $3,000. We break down why. A lot of it will surprise you. We cover everything from the retail versus direct to consumer question, the Amazon and China effect, board quality considerations, and how much you’re paying to get advertised to. Education never hurts.
[  learn more  ]
SUP Buying Guide
Our SUP buying guide gives you a quick overview of things you should consider when buying your first SUP. We go over paddle board types, SUP size considerations, the critical hard board versus inflatable SUP question, and delve into prices. From there, you can jump into deeper discussions on topics that interest you.
[  learn more  ]
Different Types of SUPs
A quick primer on all the different types of SUPs you can ride. From specialized yoga boards, to touring boards, to fishing and more, there’s a lot to choose from. While we specialize in all-around inflatable paddle boards for the most part, we offer paddle boards for all uses and this article will help you understand what’s out there.
[  learn more  ]
Top 10 FAQ about Inflatable Paddle Boards
We interact directly with our customers and SUP shoppers on a daily basis, so we put together the answers to the top 10 questions we get from inflatable paddle board shoppers and owners.
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Inflatable SUP Construction MasterClass
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation put into the market by less than upfront brands on inflatable paddle board quality and construction, so we've put together this comprehensive page to answer pretty much any question you might have on iSUP construction.
[  learn more  ]
Reviews of Tower SUPs
Learn about Tower's storied history as a pioneer in the SUP market and read some customer and media reviews that cover the full SUP line up of Tower Paddle Boards in one convenient location.
[  learn more  ]
Learn at Tower's San Diego Showroom
Our headquarters and SUP retail showroom are directly on the beach in beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego. You can buy a paddle board and set it up right off the patio of our Tower Beach Club, which also doubles as a high-end, 4,500-square-foot indoor/outdoor waterfront event venue. Come visit when you are in town!
[  learn more  ]
Choosing Among Tower's Inflatable SUPs
For the current roster of iSUPs at Tower, we have five 10 '4 ” boards (Adventurer 2, Mermaid, Yachtsman, All Around, and Xtreme), one 12' 6” board (the iRace), and one 14’ board (The Xplorer). These seven models span across 3 classes: the S-Class Starter Series, the classic Tower Premium Series, and the X-Class Elite Series. Meet them all.
[  learn more  ]
Best Boards. Best Service. Best Prices. Meet Tower.
Learn how Tower disrupted the entire paddle industry not once, but twice. We introduced incredible quality and great value via our “DTC Only” business model for our first act, then we invented the 6” iSUP and changed everything again. Learn how we continue to push the industry.
[  learn more  ]
Curated Paddle Boarding Blog
Get the inside scoop on the paddle boarding hotspots, techniques, and everything SUP.
[  learn more  ]
Filmed: July 2011
Tower, the original iSUP company, introduces the world’s first 6” inflatable paddle board in 2011.
They went from <1% of the market to >90% today.


The rest are just copycats

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