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Tower X-Class | Elite Series

Ride with confidence on our X-Class Elite Series, 8" thick boards built for stability and support for larger riders. Outperform the competition with 240% more rigidity than 6" boards and 800% more rigidity than 4" boards.

Why Go With Tower's Elite Series?

The Inflatable Paddle Boards for People Who Accept No Compromises

Each board in the X-Class series has a Tower logo with a subscript “X” trailing the “r” in Tower. The “X” signifies it is part of the X-Class Elite Series, which has vastly superior rigidity as these boards are 8" thick iSUPs. Compared to 6" iSUPs, which is most of the iSUPS on the market today, the Tower X-Class Elite Series is 240% more rigid. Compared to 4" thick iSUPS, they are 800% more rigid.

As our foundation is double layer, hand glued construction on 8" thick drop-stitch, these inflatable boards have unrivaled rigidity and durability. This X-Class Elite Series inflatable paddle board comes with a 3 year warranty standard.

If you would like to learn more about inflatable paddle board construction across the industry, you can read up on it in our detailed iSUP Buyer’s Guide on Construction Quality.

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