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5 Inflatable SUP Myths

Since their inception, there have been many myths and misinformation surrounding inflatable paddleboards. The truth of the matter is, iSUP's are a quality paddle board option, and in many cases, even better than standard hardtop SUP's. We're here to help debunk the top 5 inflatable SUP myths.

Myth #1 : iSUP’s are less durable, will easily pop and deflate

iSUP’s are simply a more durable, long lasting, option when compared to traditional hardtop stand up paddle boards, especially when you take into account all the possible dings and knocks that a typical hardtop SUP will accumulate in its lifetime. No longer will you need to worry about your paddle board hitting a sharp object while transporting, or hitting a rock that’s hidden in the water. An inflatable SUP will effortlessly absorb all of these blows and more, and won't even leave a mark. 

Watch as we take countless weapons to both a hardtop SUP and an inflatable SUP. Our iSUP effortlessly takes all these hits and still does not break or implode.

We’ve literally thrown our iSUP’s off buildings and ran them over with cars. Once inflated to our recommended 10-12psi level, these boards can absorb nearly anything without deflating!

We even back all of our inflatable SUP boards with between a 1-3 year warranty, depending on the series.

Myth #2 : Inflatable paddle boards are built with cheap materials

Quality inflatable SUP’s on the market will be made with either a PVC or Hypalon outer layer, making them virtually unpuncturable. This is the same material that is used in inflatable rescue boats, and trusted by the U.S. military.

There is a general misconception that inflatable paddle boards will be tippy and hard to balance on. The decks on our inflatable SUP boards are remarkably rigid and flat. It truly feels as if you are standing on solid ground thanks in large part to our drop stitching technology. This interior construction enables the board to maintain a flat surface when inflated instead of “ballooning out” and having a rounded top. The interior of inflatable sup boards are laced with many fibers that expand once air is added into their environment.

Compared to many of the other inflatable paddle boards on the market our inflatable sup boards are made out of gold. Be weary of newer isup boards made with "fused process." While they may be lighter, they lose rigidity and durability in this newer construction process. They are lower quality boards overall, and lack many basic attachments and accessories needed on an inflatable paddle board.

Myth #3: More expensive

They’re actually cheaper! Due to their lower material costs, iSUP’s are a cheaper priced board. The majority of iSUP’s on the market are sold as a package that conveniently comes with a pump and paddle which saves you from having to buy a separate pump. Traditional SUP paddles are sold separately, which is another added price to your purchase.

Myth #4: Take too long to inflate

Only takes 3-5 mins, roughly 200 pumps from a hand pump to fully inflate. The interior of Tower inflatable sup boards are laced with thousands of microfibers that stretch and solidify when air is added into the board. These fibers help fill the volume of the board and generate the shape of the board

To slightly expedite the inflation process, and to save some energy, you can also use an electric paddle board pump. Our Tower electric pump is compatible with any of our inflatable SUP boards and comes with a 12-V cigarette lighter plug-in, or optional 12-V battery cables.

Myth #5: Don’t perform as well as hardboards; are only good for beginners

If you plan to use your inflatable SUP on lakes, calm rivers, and calm open ocean then inflatable SUP’s perform as well, if not better, than solid paddle boards. Hardtop paddle boards have fine tuned rails, and a smaller width for more agility and speed in wave riding. A lot of the advantages that a hardtop SUP board provides are very utilized by a common paddleboarder. They are specifications that only will improve your riding in very specific circumstances. For common use, iSUP’s perform as well as hardboards.

Tower was the first to introduce an industry leading 6’ width to inflatable paddle boards. This extra width at first was deemed too large and fat by naysayers, but after seeing our remarkable customer testimonials and board performance, almost all inflatable boards have followed suit. This extra width is great for adding extra buoyancy for beginners and heavier riders, but also beneficial to intermediate and advanced riders.