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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tour Listings

Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours are a great way to get your first experience on a paddle board. There’s a definite learning curve to riding a stand up paddle board, but it’s a relatively short one. You’ll likely spend the initial 30 minutes learning the balance. That’s about all it takes and some people pick it up pretty much instantaneously. It’s not that hard. After about a half an hour of fighting your balance, most people seem to develop the muscle memory needed and it is fairly easy thereafter. You really need to get past this first 30 minutes before you can start to even differentiate between one inflatable SUP board and another. As such, a great way to get your feet wet before board shopping is to do a stand up paddle board tour or two. Stand up paddle surfing lessons are great too, but an SUP tour also has the advantage of introducing you to some cool spots to explore (where you can later bring your friends with you as the guide). Most people who take the tours are first timers just like you so it’s catered towards your novice experience level.

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When you go to buy a board and perhaps do some stand up paddle board demos, you’ll be looking at the biggest, most stable 11’ to 12’ boards naturally. These are great for beginners, but once you’ve paddled around a few days you’ll be just as comfortable on a slightly smaller board in the 10’ to 11’ range. These slightly smaller boards will be easier to surf, easier to transport, and easier to store, and an all around better board aside from the first few days of your stand up paddle boarding career. Thus it makes sense to do a few stand up paddle boarding tours on the big boards, and then go out a buy a board that makes sense for your situation long term. To facilitate that process, we’ve aggregated some stand up paddle boarding tour companies below (both in our local San Diego area, and around the country). This is a growing resource. 

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Tower Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Find SUP paddles, paddleboard accessories, and the best SUP boards for stand up paddle surfing and flatwater standup paddle boarding at Tower SUP. 

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Stand up paddle surfing Tours in San Diego, California

Two Stand Up Guys (Carlsbad, CA)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in California

Taho Adventure Company (Tahoe Vista, CA) 

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in Hawaii 

Hawaii Discount (Oahu, HI)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in Florida 

SUP Key West (Key West, FL)

Urban Kai (Tampa Bay, FL) 

Lazy Dog (Key West, FL)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in North Carolina

Kitty Hawk Water Sports (Nags Head, NC)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in South Carolina

Wrightsville SUP (Wrightsville Beach, SC)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in other areas of the country

Center Focus Experiences (Sedona, AZ)

Adventures Through Kayaking (Port Angeles, WA)

North By Northwest Surf Co (Port Angeles, WA)

Stand Up & Paddle Cape Cod (Osterville, MA)

Paddle Surf Champlain (Burlington, VT)

Harbor Outfitters (Sea Isle City, NJ)

Stand up paddle surfing tours in Canada

Rocky Point Kayes (Port Moody, BC, Canada)

Surf Ontario (Ontario, Canada)

Stand up paddle surfing Tours in Mexico

Extreme Control (Quintana Roo, Mexico)