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Many of the World's Biggest Brands Love Tower

We thank our lucky stars everyday in acknowledgement of how fortunate we’ve been to work with, or be featured by, a surprising number of the world’s greatest brands. Some day we hope to have built as great a brand as some of these below. Perhaps then we’ll too extend a generous hand out to a scrappy, up and coming brand that inspires us.


TV Shows

Business Titans

Media Powerhouses

    Amazon Logo

    Tower founder featured in Amazon Marketplace seller success story

    Amazon Spotlights Tower Paddle Boards


    Tower is featured in an FBA "Fulfillment by Amazon" success story

    Tower in featured in Amazon Exclusives merchant promo

    Tower is #1 Brand in Amazon Exclusives

    Tower is featured in London Times article on Amazon Lending
    Amazon Lending Article in London Times

    Amex Logo

    Tower featured in selective AMEX Offers

    Amex Spotlights Tower Paddle Boards

    Ford Logo

    Tower is featured in a Ford Edge TV commercial


     Tower founder featured as a Chase Master in Fortune Magazine

    Chase Master in Fortune Magazin

    Paypal Logo

    Tower featured in PayPal’s “In the Spotlight”

    Paypal Spotlights Tower Paddle Boards

    Nissan Logo
    Tower featured in Nissan's Innovation that Excites Commercial
    Nissan TV Commercial Featuring Tower Paddle Boards

    GoPro Logo
    GoPro and Tower's collab generates just under 200,000 likes
    GoPro and Tower Paddle Boards Collab

    Kawasaki Logo
    Tower collab with Kawasaki on a Jet Ski branded paddle board

    Chris Craft Logo

    Tower Collab with Chris Craft on an inflatable paddle board

    Ellen Degeneres Show Visits the Tower Beach Club

    NFL MVP Drew Brees teaches Ellen's Average Andy to eFoil - getting dressed at the Tower Beach Club

    NFL MVP Drew Brees and the Ellen Show visit the Tower Beach Club

    Shark Tank Logo

    Tower has been named one of the biggest success stories in the history of Shark Tank by People Magazine (2013), ABC's 20/20 (2017), and USA Today (2019)

    Price is Right Features Tower Paddle Boards

    Tower eBikes & iSUPs have been featured on The Price is Right multiple times

    Price is Right features Tower Paddle Boards


    Beyond the Tank Logo

    Tower featured launching new Exclusives program with Amazon executives on ABC's Beyond the Tank

    Beyond the Tank TV Show features Tower Paddle Boards

    ABC 20/20 Logo

    Tower featured on ABC's 20/20 as one of Mark Cuban's best investments in the history of the show (after being one of the show's worst pitches ever)

    ABC's 20/20 features Tower Paddle Boards

     Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban has mentioned us as one of his best investments of ABC’s Shark Tank too many times to keep track of - Forbes in 2012, Howard Stern in 2013, the INC GrowCo in 2014, ABC's 2020 in 2017, People Magazine in 2018, and many more. 

    Mark Cuban calls Tower Paddle Boards one of his best Shark Tank investments

    Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos mentions Tower and our founder in his 2015 annual letter to stockholders, and also in his book Invent & Wander that he co-authored with Walter Isaacson. 


    Jeff Bezos Letter to Stockholders calls out Tower Paddle Boards

     Harvard Logo

    Harvard Business Review published the case study "Selling on Amazon at Tower Paddle Boards" in 2016, and Tower founder Stephan has served as expert commentary on another. He's also spoke half a dozen times at Harvard Business School. 

    Harvard Case Study on Tower Paddle Boards

     Fortune Magazine Logo

    Tower featured in Fortune Magazine

    Tower Paddle Boards in Fortune Magazine

    Inc. Logo

    Tower's inflatable paddle boards were named one of the 10 most impressive products in the US off the 2015 INC 500 list of America's fastest growing companies, where Tower ranked #239 on the list. 

    Tower ranked 239 on the INC 500

    Fast Company Logo

    Tower's invention of the Five Hour Workday is named a finalist for World Changing Ideas: North America 2020 by Fast Company 

    Tower named runner up for world changing idea

     Robb Report Logo

    Tower's Chris Craft Edition inflatable paddle board is named the #1 paddle board in the world by the Robb Report

    Robb Report list Tower Paddle Boards as #1 Worldwide

     Huffington Post Logo


    Adam Carolla Show Logo

    Tower's founder has been a two-time guest on The Adam Corolla Show (2016 and 2021), one of the biggest and most pioneering podcasts worldwide

    Tower founder on Adam Carolla Podcast

     Wall Street Journal Logo

    Tower's 5-hour workday experiment being emulated around the globe makes the Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal Cover Tower 5-Hour Workday Concept

    New York Times Logo

    The 5-hour workday concept Tower invented in 2015 gets discussed in the New York Times

    New York Times Covers the 5-Hour Workday