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Culture & Careers
Tower Careers

The Tower Ethos

We build tools that engage the human spirit.

We don't think of work as work, and play as play. It's all living to us. Extraordinary living, we believe, should be about having fun, learning new things, and relentlessly pushing yourself to venture beyond. Here, you get paid to live extraordinarily. Kind of like being a child again. But with a salary.

The Tower brand ethos is about living differently & defying convention in a beachy lifestyle kind of way. Our shared goal is to inspire and enable millions to live differently too.

If you are looking for a job where you can make a difference and educate yourself for the world of tomorrow, you're in the right place.

Welcome to Tower. Live Differently.

Tower Paddle Boards Fastest Growing Company in San Diego 2014

Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego

In 2014 Tower was named the Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego. In 2015, we were #239 on the INC 500 list of America's fastest growing companies. We're billionaire Mark Cuban's best investment of ABC's Shark Tank, and we're one of the biggest success stories in the history of ABC's Shark Tank.

Yes, we're a standup paddle boarding brand, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Tower Values

  1. Be positive
  2. Be hungry & driven
  3. Be authentic & passionate
  4. Be fun-loving & social
  5. Be open-minded & think differently
  6. Be selfless & family/team oriented
  7. Believe my body is my temple
  8. Be a transparent communicator

How to Join the Tower Team

We employ only A players that accomplish more in 5 hours than most people do in a couple days. If you are one, you know it. We'd like to meet you.

We operate with a brand-as-business mentality, so finding a fit with our company culture is just as important as finding highly talented individuals. We are looking for both.

Selection Process

We are always looking for amazing people. If we find one, we'll hire you and create a position for you. Most of our team works day to day in the marketing, communications, and business development function. All of our team works in the San Diego office.

Step 1: Application

To be considered, submit both a traditional resume and a 2-3 minute VIDEO COVER LETTER. In the video cover letter, cover a few reasons why you are exceptional, and why you want to join Tower. We're more interested in you than your videographer skills, so a quick iPhone video will do. Converse to a friend behind the camera or something so it's a natural process. Creativity is a plus, of course, but not a requirement. If you're great, we'll want to hire you either way. Google "Mindvalley video cover letter" for an example of what we're looking for. Upload your video cover letter to Youtube and email a link to No phone calls or walk ins please.

Step 2: Screening

We get a lot of applicants and we're highly selective. We will always confirm receipt of your application via email so you know it landed in the right spot. If you are a candidate that we would like to bring in for an interview, we will contact you.

Step 3: Interview

We'll have you meet with 2 of our principal team members for an in person interview. The whole process will take place on the same day and should take less than an hour. If you are remote, for the right person, we can accommodate a Skype interview. All positions require you to live and work in San Diego.

Step 4: Job Offer

If we make you an offer, we will contact you via phone and follow-up with a written offer. We can accommodate your schedule to set a starting date.

Former Employee Success Stories

Tower is a launch pad for high-achieving individuals, and has a track record of grooming entrepreneurs and successful business men and women.

Amy Fausset

Amy Fausset

Amy was employee #1, the first person ever hired at Tower. She has gone on to build several great businesses on her own. Here's a quick interview we did with her back in early 2016, just as she was launching 2 additional businesses on top of her 1st homerun with 6D Hair Ties. One was a brilliant customized mash-up of Instagram and adult coloring books called Color Me Book. The other is Girl Gang The Label, a hip LA brand of empowered women. She would later author a "Dummies" book on branding, aptly called "Branding for Dummies."

1. How would you describe your business?

6D Hair Ties are soft elastic hair ties that double as comfy wristbands. We are able to offer a product that is kind to your hair and a stylish accessory to wear. Our hair ties are fully customizable, you can upload your own logo, text, or design. What makes our business unique is that everything is made in the USA so we are able to offer fast turnaround times, no order minimums, and competitive pricing for bulk orders.

We donate to a handful of USA based charities and also use our website as a fundraising platform. Charities design packs of hair ties to sell on our site for a 1 week to 1 month run. At the end of the run, we donate a portion of the profits to the charity.

In March 2015 we moved into our first office space. The transition from apartment to office was a major milestone for me. Our office is located in West Hollywood.

We are able to run our business with a $0 marketing budget. This is the most valuable skill I learned while working at Tower Paddle Boards. For all of our major search terms, we are ranked #1 on Google so 90% of our orders are made from inbound requests.

2. When did you launch?

Summer 2012

3. What will your revenues be in 2016?


4. What do you expect your revenues to be in 2020?

Expected to be at $2,000,000 by 2020

5. Do you have employees? Partners?

I have no business partners and own 100% of 6D Hair Ties. I have 3 employees currently and will have 5 employees total by the end of the year.

6. What are some big brands you have worked with? Deals done? Etc.

Our clients include: Sephora, Volcom, Neff, Lulu Lemon, Elizabeth and James, Shop Private Party, and Show Me Your Mumu just to name a few.

We have an exclusive partnership with the largest online custom goods retailer, On Zazzle, you can choose from over 100,000 pre-designed hair ties or design your own from scratch. Zazzle has 3,000,000 unique visitors per month to their website.

We have done collaborations with bloggers, like Betches Love This, who have 3.7 million instagram followers.

We have been featured in Shape Magazine, E! News, and Betches Love This.

We are in 200 retail locations throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

7. How valuable was your experience at Tower?

My experience at Tower was everything to me. I never would've been able to start my own company without my experience at Tower. I enjoy reading business books and following blogs, however, they don't teach you how to really work in a fast paced environment and improvise along the way. Tower gave me thick skin and experience to be able to scale my business, make it profitable, and to not be intimidated by the countless hurdles I had to overcome.

8. Detail any other offers you turned down to take a job at Tower?

I received 10 job offers after college, most of which were entry level sales jobs with good pay and stability. I turned all of these down because I wanted to continue learning about entrepreneurship and business development at Tower. I look at my time at Tower as getting paid to further my education in what I love.

Ashley Hannawacker

Ashley Hannawacker

Ashley was employee #3 at Tower. She spent 2 years with Tower and was instrumental in ramping us up from $1.7M in revenues to $5M in those 2 years. Here's a quick interview we did with her back in early 2016.

1. How would you describe your business?

It's an ecommerce beauty company. I also solely own and operate Omni Media Marketing (later rebranded with herself as the brand at, which is a small web design, brand, and marketing consulting company.

2. When did you launch?

October 2015

3. What will your revenues be in 2016?

We did $88K in first 3 months. We project $1M for 2016.

4. What do you expect your revenues to be in 2020?


5. Do you have employees? Partners?

Yes, one partner. We are 50/50 partners.

6. What are some big brands you have worked with? Deals done? Etc.


7. How valuable was your experience at Tower?

Amazing. I always brag about it. I learned so much and gained so many of the skills I have now from my experience at Tower. I was exposed to every aspect of the business which really gave me insight into what it took to start my own companies. It was an invaluable experience that I will never forget!

8. Detail any other offers you turned down to take a job at Tower?

Microsoft and Wells Fargo Advisors. Did not want the corporate life!