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Carbon Fiber Paddles for SUP

Carbon fiber SUP paddles offer strength and lightweight design. Tower mixes it with Kevlar for ultimate durability in your beach adventures.

More Info on Carbon Fiber SUP Paddles

The Special Material Qualities of Carbon Fiber For Making SUP Paddles

Stand up paddles come in a variety of prices based on the materials that they are made of. Stand up paddles made of carbon fiber tend to be the most high end type of SUP paddle.

Carbon fiber has a phenomenal strength to weight ratio, and thus is an ideal material for making stand up paddles. Although stand up paddles built with carbon fiber tend to get grouped into one homogeneous group, there are various ways that carbon fiber is used in stand up paddle construction and it’s often used in conjunction with fiberglass, wood, and other materials. It’s folly to just shop for the word “carbon fiber” in a paddle description and go for the lowest (or highest) price, or the lowest weight. The $150 “carbon fiber” paddle with free shipping may well be a piece of junk that will easily crack, just as the $399 lightest carbon fiber paddle on the market may not be the “best” carbon fiber paddle out there. We’ve sorted thru all the hype and tried to bring you the absolute best, as well as the absolute best value for the money, stand up paddles that use carbon fiber in their construction.

Tower's Best in Class 3-Piece Carbon Kevlar SUP Paddle

Our 3-pc Carbon Kevlar stand up paddle provides one of the best values on the market for a quality, yet portable SUP paddle. It's the ultimate upgrade for your Inflatable Paddle board package. It's a stand up paddle built to be flexible yet strong with the added durability of Kevlar. Additionally, this SUP paddle is extremely lightweight, making it great for any stand up paddle boarders that go on long distance journeys. This stand up paddle set is made of 3 adjustable pieces that can be broken down into 35 inches making it perfect to travel with. With a 100% 3k prepreg carbon kevlar shaft and a yellow ABS edge built in to protect the blade, this stand up paddle is built for optimal performance. Whether you use an inflatable SUP or a traditional stand up paddle board, the carbon kevlar stand up paddle is perfect for you.


Xtreme 8" Thick Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Xtreme 8" Thick Inflatable Paddle Board Package
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Xplorer 14' Inflatable Paddle Board Package