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Frequently Asked Questions on SUP

by Stephan Aarstol

Welcome to the comprehensive web page put together by the Tower team to answer ALMOST EVERY question you might have about stand up paddle boarding. We cover the gamut from whether you are just beginning and looking to learn how to paddle board, to those of you trying to figure out how to pick a paddle board or understand what size paddle board do I need or how long is a paddle board, to those looking to educate themselves on how to buy a paddle board, or just better understand how much are paddle boards... we've got all the "how to SUP" answers you are looking for. 

Paddle Board Shopping

Paddle Board Shopping Resources

Best inflatable SUP guide

Best stand up paddle boards guide

Paddle board price factors

SUP paddle board buying guide

Inflatable paddle board reviews

Paddle boarding SUP guide

Paddle boarding near me

SUP boards / SUP paddles retail shop

Paddle boards for sale (Types)

Used paddle boards

Touring paddle boards

Paddle board yoga

SUP surfing

Fishing paddleboards

SUP boards (hard boards)

Inflatable paddle boards

Paddle Board Questions

Top 10 Questions about Inflatable SUPs

#1 - How do I inflate an inflatable SUP board?

#2 - What PSI do I inflate my inflatable SUP to?

#3 - How do I install the center fin on my inflatable SUP?

#4 - Can I use an electric pump to inflate my inflatable SUP?

#5 - How do I deflate an inflatable SUP?

#6 - What is the gray wrench-like thing for?

#7 - How do I fix a leaking valve on an inflatable SUP?

#8 - How durable is my inflatable SUP?

#9 - How do I patch my inflatable SUP?

#10 - How long does my inflatable SUP hold air?

General Stand Up Paddle Board FAQs

SUP box with logo used to ship paddle board?

Stand up paddle board fin included with SUPs?

Paddle board bag included or sold separately?

Do you ship paddle boards international?

Discount paddle board option for military service?

Is there a paddle board store near me for in store pickup?

Paddle board rental of tower SUP locations

Two person paddle board deals offered?

Wholesale paddle boards available from Tower?

Buy paddle board with a payment plan option available?

Stand up paddleboarding iSUP ship time estimate

Best standup paddle boards shipping company Tower uses

Paddle board care and maintenance

Do used paddleboards for sale include warranty?

Hard Standup Paddle Board FAQs

Paddle board fin install on SUP

Foam vent plug install on SUP

Surf fin tool: How to use

Futures fin box use on paddle boards

Paddle board shipment tracking

Stand up paddle board delivery considerations

Paddle boards shipment partially arrived

Paddle board technique overview

SUP technique for tracking

Paddle board repair instructions

Inflating iSUPs

Inflatable Paddle Board FAQs

Inflate paddle board instructions

Blow up stand up paddle board PSI Recommendations

iSUP paddle board center fin installation

Electric paddle board pump okay or not?

Best inflatable paddle board deflation technique

H3 valve wrench use on inflatable SUPs

Inflatable air valve leak troubleshooting

Blow up paddle board durability explained

Inflatable repair on paddle boards

Inflatable SUP holds air for months

Do inflatable paddle boards pop

Inflatable paddleboards susceptibility to damage

Stand up paddle board yoga - are iSUPs recommended?

Stand up board single or double chamber on Tower iSUPs?

Standup paddle included with iSUPs?

Stand up paddle board leash attachment point on iSUPs?

River paddle board fin option available?

Paddle board bungee work for SUP storage?

GoPro paddle board mount options

Paddle board seat option on SUP

Best inflatable stand up paddle board PSI inflation level

Inflatable paddle boat and board inflation time

Paddle board pump option for iSUPs

Blow up SUP valve type on paddle boards

Pump up paddle board gauge installation

Inflatable board iSUP gauge won't register

Beach paddle board inflation issue

Inflatable stand up paddleboards not inflating

Best iSUP warranty by tower paddle boards

Inflatable repair kit for paddle boards

SUP inflatable paddle board bubbles issue

Paddle board carrier restrictions on flights

Paddle Boarding Couple

SUP Paddle FAQs

Paddle Board Paddle Length Recommendations

Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles Cutting

Best SUP Paddle Assembly Instructions

How to SUP Paddle

Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle Care

SUP Paddle Technique

Cheap Paddle Board Problems: SUP Rail Chips

Do Paddle Board Paddles Float

SUP Paddle Board Paddle Snapping Concerns

Paddle Board Kayak Paddle Attachment

Hopefully, our paddle board resource list helps you learn more about stand up paddle boarding and prepares you to get your own paddle board someday. 

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards