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Inflatable Paddle Board Packages

iSUPs: The ultimate choice for paddlers. Portable, indestructible, easy storage, and rigidity like a hard board. Safe, soft, and ding-free fun.

Extended Inflatable Paddle Board Information

The Rise of Inflatable Paddle Boards
Inflatable paddle boards (iSUP's) have quickly become the #1 option for paddleboarders around the world. iSUP's are highly portable, indestructible, easy to store, and unbelievably rigid, making them virtually indistinguishable from hard SUPs. Inflatable paddle boards accomplish all of these feats while still being a soft, safe, and ding free board. When we introduced the world's first 6" inflatable paddle boards to the world in 2011, iSUPs represented less than 1% of the market. Today, they are over 90% of all paddle boards sold.
Tower is a Pioneer in the Inflatable SUP Market

Tower was a pioneer in developing 6" thick inflatable paddle boards a decade ago and the whole industry followed our lead. iSUPs took over the market quickly moving from 1% total share, to over 70% of the market within a few years. Today, iSUPs represent over 90% of paddle boards sold.

As a leading brand of inflatable paddle boards today, Tower has acquired many accolades along the way:

2015 - Tower iSUPs were named "one of the 10 most impressive products in the US" on the INC 500.

2016 - Tower was named one of the top 5 SUP brands in the world in 2016.

2017 - Robb Report named Tower's iSUP the #1 SUP worldwide beating out competitors priced at $2400 and $3400

Quality Comes First at Tower

These aren't your typical inflatable water toys. These are military grade, highly pressurized, and distinctly shaped rubber stand up paddle boards. We guarantee we sell the best inflatable sup on the market.

All of our Tower inflatable stand up paddle boards are built with 2 outer layers of PVC making them extremely durable and easy to clean. Each iSUP is made with inner drop-stitching technology which enables the board to maintain a flat surface when inflated. The drop stitching interior also ensures the board maintains its original form and construction even after countless inflating and deflating. Each one of our inflatable stand up paddle boards are topped with an EVA foam deck pad thats specially designed with diamond grooving which guarantees more comfortable footing for longer rides.

Added volume and increased stability are what really makes inflatable sups stand out as the best paddle board option on the market. Tower iSUP's have about twice the volume of the same length hard board, making them much more stable. You will be floating higher on the water and will therefore be less tippy and less prone to wave/ripple disturbances.

Each of our Tower iSUP's come with a 1, 2, or 3-year warranty, depending on the series. Our S-Class Starter Series boards come with a 1-year warranty. Our Premium Class boards come with a 2-year warranty, and our X-Class Elite Series boards come with a 3-year warranty. All inflatable SUP's ship free in the continental US.

iSUPs are Portable, Durable, and Soft to the Touch

Shipping, storing, and transporting traditional 10'-12' stand up paddle boards can be challenging. Inflatable SUP boards, on the other hand, deflate and inflate on demand and can even be rolled up into our Tower inflatable paddle board bag, making them easy to store and transport. Tower inflatable paddle boards can easily be put in an overhead compartment on a plane, making them incredibly dynamic. Bring one with you on your tropical vacation. Store one on your boat. Haul one up to your favorite hidden mountain lake. The possibilities are endless.

Paddle board yoga is made even more zen by Tower's large deck surface area and board volume, making Tower iSUP's able to withstand high levels of movement. Tower inflatable paddle boards even make the perfect fishing paddleboard as they come equipped with storage on board for all your fishing equipment. Inflatable SUP boards are extending the reach of stand up paddle boarding to every corner of the globe, and quickly becoming the no hassle option in the market.


iSUP Hook+Pin Fin | 9" Deep
iSUP Hook+Pin Fin | 9" Deep
Electric Paddle Board Pump
Electric Paddle Board Pump
Backpack for Inflatable SUPs
Backpack for Inflatable SUPs
iSUP D-Rings
iSUP D-Rings