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Tower Customer Reviews
Top Rated Paddle Board Worldwide

Founded in 2010, Tower has been a pioneer on numerous fronts in the stand up paddle board market over the past decade. We've got well over 100,000 happy customers in over 70 countries worldwide. Our customer reviews speak to how passionate our customers are about our brand, our quality, and our exceptional customer service. This allows us to spend less than 3% of revenues on advertising and pass all that savings on to you, the next customer. Tower continues to be an innovator and pioneer in the paddle board industry. 

  • DIRECT TO CONSUMER PIONEER - Tower pioneered the direct to consumer ("dtc") model in paddle boards fundamentally changing the cost of paddle boards for consumers. Founded in 2010, this was the same timeframe as many other dtc pioneers such as Warby Parker (2010) in eyeglasses, Glossier (2010) in make-up, Everlane (2010) in apparel, and years before many other household dtc brand names such as Casper (2014) in mattresses, and Harry's (2013) in razors. We brought affordability to paddle board customers. We're still on the leading edge of that as the home of the $349 iSUP today. 
  • INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD PIONEER - In 2011, our innovation of making inflatable paddle boards 6" thick (instead of 4" thick) increased rigidity by 400% was a game changer that every brand in the industry would eventually copy. At the time, iSUPs represented less than 1% of the paddle boards sold. Five years after our innovation, iSUPs represented over 70% of paddle board sales worldwide! Today, it's north of 90%. 
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE PIONEER - In the early days our prices we so low that people assumed we were just an online discount brand. Very quickly our quality blew people away, as did our accessible customer service. Not only were our boards the finest quality on the market, we were a brand you could easily pick up the phone and reach us - something that was not common when you bought a brand in a retail store. Our product was better AND our customer service was better. That's why we grew to be the #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego in 2014, and #239 in the nation the following year without advertising... word of mouth. See for yourself with our reviews (below) or take our Board Finder Quiz to find the perfect SUP for you. 

What Our Customers Are Saying


Best Value in Stand Up Paddle Boards

Tower Adventurer 2 iSUP Reviews

Our Most Popular Inflatable SUP (More Reviews)

Best purchase of the summer.

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Pascale from BROOKLYN on 8/11/2020

I love my new Tower inflatable paddle board. It takes me and my 9 year old son exactly 4 minutes to inflate (no exaggeration, and we are not terribly hardy). It is surprisingly hard and solid. It is very manageable to carry and deflate and stick in the trunk. So fun. It MAY be a teeny tiny bit less maneuverable in strong wind than a non-inflatable board, but since I could not transport the other kind in my car, this one beats out the non-inflatable one hands down. I love it.

Great SUP Board and Great Customer Service

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: AC from New York on 7/28/2020

I ordered my SUP during COVID and I received quickly. The board is simple to inflate and deflate. I was wondering how sturdy it would be and it is just as good as a standard SUP board. I emailed customer service for a replacement pressure gauge, I received a response email within 2 hours and my new replacement gauge was shipped the next day. I have ready recommended Tower to friends who are looking to purchase and SUP

Beginner's thoughts on this great board

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Eric from Florida on 7/16/2020

This board is fantastic. I researched and researched before I decided to purchase a board. After reviewing the numerous boards you find on eBay and Amazon, I quickly realized that Tower offered what I wanted.

The board is very well constructed and is apparent upon arrival. Inflating and deflating is very easy. I love the fact it has three straps, one at the nose, middle and rear. This makes its easier to maneuver upon getting in and out of the water. What sold it to me is the information that Tower provides on their website and the two-year warranty. Reading through the posted articles, you can tell this company really does care about their consumers.

All in all, I have used the board a handful of times but I look forward to taking it out all week for the weekend and I can trust the reliability of this product. Make sure you take care of the board, living in Florida and having salt/brackish water, make sure to wash it down when you get home with the hose to wash any salt off. Salt destroys everything! Take care of the board and it will take care of you! Thanks Tower!


Women's Inflatable Paddle Board

Tower Mermaid iSUP Reviews

10'4" x 6" Women's Inflatable Paddle Board (More Reviews)

Exceeds All Expectations

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Jen from Southern IL on 5/26/2019

After discovering how much I love stand up paddle boarding last summer, I did LOTS of research to make sure I was buying one that I would be completely satisfied with. I finally decided on the Tower brand, after speaking with someone who knew more about what to look for in an iSUP. He explained to me about the high quality construction and extra features included on the Tower boards that make the experience so much more enjoyable. I purchased the Mermaid iSUP package as well as the eclectic air pump. It is super easy to inflate/deflate and transport. My first day on the lake was absolutely perfect. I could not have hoped for a better experience. I can not wait to have more adventures and get more people in the Midwest interested in purchasing a Tower inflatable SUP, so I can share the love of the sport. Thanks so much for the best experience imaginable!

best purchase ever!!

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Heidi from NY on 7/11/2020

I have wanted a SUP for a few years now but I was really on the fence about what brand and type of board I wanted. After some STRONG reviews from friends, I ended up getting an inflatable SUP. I was a little nervous with the inflatable quality but you can't even tell! Plus you have so much more flexibility with travel. I don't need a rack or anything like that. It takes 5-8 minutes to inflate/deflate and I throw it right in the back of my mini cooper! I can literally drive to any body of water and be on it in 10 minutes happy as can be. It has saved my life during this Covid isolation.

Oh and it arrived in like 4 days from ordering!

Thank you TOWER!


Perfect Paddle Board for a Yacht

Tower Yachtsman iSUP Reviews

10'4" x 6" Inflatable Paddle Board (More Reviews)

My favorite new activity

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: P.M.C. from 85132 on 9/20/2019

I had the opportunity to rent an inexpensive SUP in Costa Rica. It was a hard board made of similar material to that of a kayak purchased from a big chain of discount general stores. It was fun, but I knew that I wanted a better quality unit when it came to buying one. I researched low to mid-range boards in the $300-$800 range and Tower was one of the names that kept coming up as a top performer in the mid-range class. The direct to consumer business model is appealing. The fact that they also make surf boards, skate boards and other beach equipment, told me that they know the type of equipment that they make and they seem like they are boarders themselves! This made the decision easy. Get a Tower board! Then I had to choose a model. The Adventurer 2 kept calling to me, but then I saw the "Yachtsman" and was hooked! Great look, but essentially an "Adventurer 2" in Yachtsman clothing. It was perfect!

My first time out was a little shaky as it was only my second time on a board. Pumping it up was a little tougher than anticipated, but very doable in the parking lot. The paddle is very high quality with a bit of a directional design that seems counterintuitive. I may change paddles one day, but for now the one it came with is plenty good. The removable center fin secures nicely to the board and I am confident that it will stay in place.

Once underway, the board feels stable and keeps my 210lb body high and dry. It was a little less stable than I expected it to be, but it is likely my inexperience and not the board. Glides nicely and tracks straight.

Very well constructed. Seems very durable and I have full confidence that it will last me a very long time.

Would be nice if it came with a bag, but at the sale price that I paid, I am not complaining.

All in all I highly recommend doing business with Tower! Fast shipping, great product... What more could you want?

Yachtsman iSUP

Review by: Amy Z from Rhinelander, WI on 6/24/2019

After doing lots of research on paddleboards in general, I recently ordered the Yachtsman iSUP. I was a bit hesitant about purchasing an inflatable, but honestly could not be happier with my decision. First, my paddleboard was shipped on the same day that I placed the order and it arrived quickly (I live in Wisconsin). It was super easy to inflate and is so much lighter to move around than the solid paddleboards I have tried. It is stable in the water, and forgiving on my knees while getting on and off. The colors and design are super cool and attractive. Tower also tucked a gift in the box - a book about the benefits of 5 hour work days - which I plan to read and then leave on my boss' desk :-). Not sure if Tower always includes a gift with orders, but it was a nice surprise. I would definitely recommend Tower as a company to anyone looking for paddleboards and would definitely recommend the Yachtsman board as well. Thanks Tower!


Inflatable Racing Paddle Board

Tower iRace iSUP Reviews

12'6" x 6" Racing Inflatable SUP (More Reviews)

Corey Soignet

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Corey Soignet from Spring, TX on 7/16/2020

I have been shopping for a Inflatable Paddle Board for awhile. It was a difficult process because there are so many out there to choose from. After weeks of research I decided on Tower. I could not be more happy with my purchase. The quality of construction is by far the best I have seen. If you are looking to buy the best on the market then if you are reading this your search is over. Buy a Tower SUP!

Best experience ever

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Fernando from KEY BISCAYNE on 8/5/2020

This is a great company. Their customer service is fabulous. The product is fabulous. Highly recommended in all aspects.


8 inch thick paddle board

Tower Xplorer iSUP Reviews

14' Long x 8" Thick Inflatable Paddle Boards (More Reviews)

Paddling Paradise

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Jessica from Cape Cod MA on 9/14/2020

I have been searching for the right SUP for a while and curious to jump into this lifestyle. Tower did not disappoint! First, the shipping was quick. The board itself is incredibly sturdy and has performed great on pond and open ocean. It takes a little work to pump manually, but that’s expected. The deflation is a breeze and fits perfectly in the back of my car. Other boards I was looking at had so many extra accessories which are completely unnecessary. I appreciate the simplicity and no nonsense design that Tower offers.

Exceptional Customer Service

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Frank from on 6/29/2017

My girlfriend and I have really enjoyed the Xplorer since purchasing over 2 months ago. We take the iSUP out almost every week. This board is excellent for tandem riders and better for this use than other brands we have rented when on vaca in the past. It is extremely stable with the added height off the water yet we are able to move fairly fast.

I would caution against over tightening the hose and and air pressure gauge to the pump. I had a problem once with this issue but the great staff at Tower solved the problem and have followed up with me several times to make sure I was happy. There Customer service is outstanding.

I did quite a bit of research on many different brands of SUPs before my purchase and kept coming back to this brand. They seemed to have the best quality for the price and I am soo happy with the board and this purchase. The staff was very helpful with any questions I had over the phone or email and recommend Tower to everyone.

Wood Paddle Board

Tower Fit Reviews

9'10" Wood Classic SUP (More Reviews)

9'10 classic SUP

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: T.Cummins from Long Island,NY on 9/8/2019

love this board. Have surfed some of the best waves this summer on the shores of Long Island,NY. Even post hurricane Dorian waves. Turns easy and maneuvers I and down the face of the waves like a regular performance long board. Floats me extremely well. I weigh 170 lbs. As well as it rides it even looks better. I'm all about classic and you guys have captured it.

LOVE my board

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: MontanaMomma from on 8/27/2018

Received my board much faster than expected! Love the look and functionality of the board. I am not a very experienced boarder but this board is amazing!! I feel much more comfortable on this board than any other I have tried. Love the stability of the hard board over an inflatable. My experience with the Tower staff was also pleasant and helpful! My friend recommended Tower and I'm so glad I listened. My husband is buying one too!


Wooden SUP Board

Tower Social Reviews

11'5" Wood Classic SUP (More Reviews)

Classic SUP

 Star Star Star Star

Review by: Ron Howlett from Bainbridge Island, WA on 8/27/2020

This is really my first SUP. I have been surfing Calif. and Maui for the last 50 years and know surfboard design. I live now in the NW and wanted an "all around" board for myself and family members of all ages. This is really a fun board. My only complaint is the it is missing the "super glide" which I assume comes with pointed nose touring boards. It is a great value and a gorgeous looking board is really stable and fun to shot down the coast on.

 Star Star Star Star Star

Review by: Tom from Central Minnesota on 10/7/2018

The 11.5 SUP hardboard is as beautiful and functional as promised.
I am a 225lb guy who was never able to stay up on other SUP's.
This SUP gives me a very stable board and still rides great on the water.