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Non Inflatable Paddle Boards -vs- iSUP’s

The debate between iSUP’s vs. non inflatable paddle boards has long been discussed. The simple truth being iSUP’s are more durable, beginner friendly, easier to store, and best of all, cheaper! Non inflatable paddle boards accumulate dings, cannot easily be stored, do not come with a warranty, and do not come with a paddle! There’s a reason iSUP’s have become so popular and now over 90% of the paddle boarding market is inflatable boards, its because iSUP’s are the better option!

Many customers are scared to take the leap and purchase an inflatable paddle board due to preconceived beliefs that they are less durable, less stable, and easy to pop, all of which are incorrect. In fact, inflatable paddle boards are more durable, more stable, and are extremely difficult to pop or puncture when compared to non inflatable paddle boards. Not to mention they come with a 2 year warranty!

If you’re not convinced yet, hear what our customers have to say about our iSUPs in our iSUP product reviews. 

Added volume and increased stability are also what makes inflatable SUPS stand out as the best option when compared to non inflatable paddle boards. Tower iSUP’s in particular have about twice the volume of the same length non inflatable paddle board, making them way more stable and buoyant. You will be floating higher on the water and will therefore be less tippy and less prone to wave/ripple disturbances while on an inflatable board.

Non inflatable paddle boards will easily develop holes and knocks throughout their lifetime. Making sure your board is watertight at all times and constantly using epoxy sun care can become a pain. Inflatable paddle boards will take and absorb any knock while still maintaining their same shape and rigidity throughout their lifetime. You'll never need to worry about dining or fixing your board again!

All of our Tower inflatable stand up paddle boards are built with 2 outer layers of PVC making them extremely durable and easy to clean. This is not your typical “pool toy” board, this is a military grade inflatable paddle board that is made out of the same high-grade plastic material trusted in military rescue boats. 

Each iSUP is made with inner drop-stitching technology which enables the board to maintain a flat surface when inflated. Think of the interior as hundreds of threads that expand when air is pumped into their environment. The drop stitching interior also ensures the board maintains its original form and construction even after countless inflating and deflating, guaranteeing your board is as rigid and tough as it was since day you first got it.

Shipping, storing, and transporting traditional 10'-12' non inflatable paddle boards can be challenging. iSUP’s, on the other hand, deflate and inflate on demand and can even be rolled up into our Tower inflatable paddle board bag. A Tower iSUP will easily be able to fit in any car rolled up, while non inflatable paddle boards will require roof racks or large trucks to transport.

When it comes to comparing non inflatable paddle boards to iSUP's its quite evident who the real winner is. Non inflatable paddle boards are still great boards, but they lack the durability and versatility that iSUP's provide. iSUP's certainly have our backing, and here at Tower our iSUP's have won multiple awards, and have even been named the best inflatable paddle boards on the market at a cheap direct to consumer price!