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3 iSUP Brand Tiers of Tower Paddle Boards

Tower's 3 Inflatable Paddle Board Series Compared

Shop Tower's 3 Brand Tiers

Tower X-Class | Elite Series - Shop Now

Our X-Class Elite Series boards are 8" thick drop stitch inflatable paddle boards made with double layer construction. This enhances the rigidity of this board by 240% over even the best 6" thick iSUPs on the market. A more rigid iSUP means more speed and better performance. With the added volume, it also means the Elite Series is ideally suited for XL size riders or tandem paddle boarding. You can spot boards in our X-Class Elite Series by the X subscript trailing our Tower logo. 

Tower X-Class Inflatable Paddle Boards

Tower | Premium Series - Shop Now

Our Tower Premium Series uses double layer construction. This is the same (and only) gold standard construction that Tower used for over a decade, and what led to Tower Paddle Boards becoming a household name in the paddle board market. It’s what led to us becoming one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, what led us to being name dropped by Jeff Bezos in his annual letter to stockholders, and what led to us being named one of Mark Cuban’s best investment in the history of Shark Tank. The Tower Premium Series is the core of our brand, amazing direct to consumer value on one of the finest quality paddle boards in the industry.

Double Layer Hand Glued iSUP Construction

Tower S-Class | Starter Series - Shop Now

Our S-Class Starter Series uses fusion construction. It’s a starter board with an economical price that will work with any budget. While it’s Tower’s economical option, don’t confuse that with a low quality inflatable paddle board. The Tower S-Class is not like the single layer boards, which we consider disposable iSUPs, that have flooded the inflatable paddle board market. Buyer beware on those, and they’re more widespread than you might think even from brands that make outlandish claims about being major SUP brands. You can spot boards in our S-Class Starter Series by the S subscript trailing our Tower logo.

Fusion Inflatable Paddle Board Construction

Want to learn more about inflatable paddle board construction? 

If you would like to learn more about inflatable paddle board construction, we have put together an extensive page detailing everything you need to know to get up to speed on iSUP construction and what to look for with many brands that misrepresent the quality and construction of inflatable paddle boards they sell.