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All Around Inflatable Paddle Board Package


Enjoy the water with the economical All Around iSUP package from Tower's Starter Series. Produced with fusion construction and classic Tower styling this package sells direct to consumer only at Tower's industry leading value price. At 10'4" in length by 32" in width, the All Around is the time tested and proven layout of our popular Adventurer 2.


Full Package Includes

  • One (1) All Around 10'4" Inflatable Paddle Board
  • One (1) 9" Hook & Pin Center Fin
  • One (1) iSUP Repair Kit
  • One (1) Five Hour Workday Book
  • One (1) Hand Pump with PSI Pressure Gauge
  • One (1) 3-Piece Adjustable Fiberglass SUP Paddle

We sell this iSUP as board only (without a pump and paddle) for $50 less. Buy the board only

The Most Trusted Brand in SUP Tower

  • 1-Year 'Hassle-Free' Warranty on S-Class Starter Series
  • Premium Customer Service - Call, email, or walk in
  • Founder Owned & Operated Small Business Since 2010  

Weight: 20 lbs

Dimensions: 10'4" length by 32 width by 6 thickness

Volume: 350+ liters plus

Weight Capacity: Up to 275 lbs

Nose Rocker: 4 inches

Tail Rocker: No tail rocker

Fin Configuration: 2+1 plastic fins, with large detachable center fin

Onboard Accessories: Carrying handle, rear surf leash d-ring

Included External Accessories: A detachable SUP center fin, a Tower branded deck pad. Repair kit comes with patches and valve wrench (glue is to be sourced locally)

Construction: Fusion 6" thick construction. High-pressure inflatable (Tested safe to 20 PSI, but only 10-12 PSI is necessary for optimal performance)

Against defects in workmanship & materials
We stand behind our products
On orders over $100


STARTER Series Paddle Boards

This is our entry level inflatable paddle board class made with lightweight fusion construction. This is a great place to start if you are looking to dip your toes into the sport of stand up paddle boarding and you're on a budget. You'll get Tower quality and service, but also a price that won't break the bank.

Fusion construction is lighter, but a little less durable. This is the first time in our 12 year history that we've made an inflatable paddle board with construction inferior to our Premium Series or Elite Series iSUPs. That being said, fusion construction is the top quality board from most of the major brands in the industry - most of them don't even offer a board in the double layer, hand glued construction. Fusion is also substantially better quality than single layer inflatables you find from lesser brands and the majority of boards you see on Amazon.

While more economical, this is NOT a low quality board. It’s not like the single layer iSUPs flooding the market. This is a quality starter iSUP, just sold at an incredible price direct to consumer only so you save huge.
A quality starter iSUP made accessible to all in terms of cost and weight. It’s 20% lighter than our Premium Series and 30% lighter than our Elite Series iSUPs. People love the ease of carry.
Designed with new SUP enthusiasts in mind, all our S-Class boards are wide and super stable.

Tower iSUPs have received accolades all over the internet for well over a decade. The luxury magazine Robb Report titled one of our iSUPs as the #1 SUP worldwide.

Fusion Construction

Lightweight & Economical

Fusion construction is a technological innovation with the intent to reduce manual labor and materials in the iSUP production process to reduce costs. As the industry grew, pressure was on factories to gravitate to a less labor intensive production process to increase output and reduce costs. Because of a reduced reliance on labor and its use of far less raw materials, it’s significantly cheaper to produce fusion construction iSUPs. It’s also widely known to be less durable that double layer, hand glued construction. Double layer, hand glued construction found on our Premium Series & Elite Series iSUPS have an expected life span of 4-7 years, while fusion construction iSUPs have an expected life span of 2-3 years. 

Inflatable Paddle Board FAQ

How do I inflate an inflatable SUP board?

iSUP packages come with a high-pressure hand pump with a special H3 valve and a PSI gauge. It takes about 5-7 minutes to fully inflate your iSUP to the 10-12 PSI we recommend. They are safe to inflate up to about 20 PSI as a safety precaution so you don’t overinflate, but 10-12 PSI is all that’s necessary. Optionally, you can buy an electric pump where you set the desired inflation PSI level, hit start and it does the rest.

What PSI do I inflate my inflatable SUP to?
We recommend 10-12 PSI for optimal performance. Our iSUPs are safe to inflate up to about 20 PSI as a safety precaution so you don’t overinflate, but 10-12 PSI is all that’s necessary on Tower boards as they are by design made with quality construction that is very rigid even at lower PSI inflation levels.
How do I install the center fin on my iSUP?
It’s very easy and secure. All current Tower iSUPs use what’s called a hook & pin center fin, where you hook the front base of the fin over a catch in the fin box, slide it back as far as you can by tapping the fin with your hand which will align the rear fin base catch over the hole in the fin box which you simply insert the tethered pin fin thru. Just reverse the steps for fin removal.
Can I use an electric pump with my iSUP?

Yes, you can use a special high-pressure electric pump suitable for inflatable paddle boards. It will have the required H3 valve. You simply set the desired PSI, hit start, and it will auto-inflate the board. Note, most “inflatable” product pumps won’t cut it as they are not specialized high-pressure pumps, so you will need to buy a pump specifically for high-pressure inflatable SUPs. Additionally, while many people will try to use an air compressor jimmy rigged with an H3 valve, it is extremely easy to overinflate your iSUP this way and blow apart the seams. You board will be ruined. Obviously, use of any compressors voids your warranty.

How do I deflate an inflatable SUP?
When you open the valve cap on the rear deck of your iSUP, you will see a yellow valve stem button. You deflate your iSUP by depressing that valve stem button and twisting it clockwise to lock it in the down position. This valve stem acts as a toggle between a one-way valve when it’s in the up position and a two-way valve when it’s in the down position. Use the valve stem up position when inflating your board so you can inflate and then remove the pump without the air rushing out. Use the valve stem down position when deflating your board. Air will rush out vigorously, and you roll the board from the other end to push air out as you roll it up for storage.
How durable is my inflatable SUP?
Inflatable paddle boards are made of military grade PVC similar to what you find on commercial river rafts. You can run them up on the rocks just fine without damaging them. In fact, one of the key benefits of inflatable SUPs over hardboards is that iSUPs are nearly indestructible. We don’t recommend you do this, but we’ve run over Tower iSUPS with a car while they are inflated and they don’t miss a beat. They are also extremely durable when deflated and rolled up so you don’t really need a protective bag at all.
How long does my inflatable SUP hold air?
We keep our fleet of inflatable SUP boards for our demos inflated for months at a time and they never really seem to lose air. Even though most people think of inflating and deflating their inflatable SUP every time they go out, what a lot of people end up doing is just keeping it inflated. The beauty of these boards is really that they are nearly indestructible (when compared to an EPS/Epoxy boards that are prone to getting nicked up). The ability to deflate them, roll them up, and transport them in a tight space is often times only an occasional thing and sometimes an afterthought on these inflatable boards.
What accessories do you recommend?

Our most popular accessory is an electric pump as not everyone enjoys the pre-workout that inflating your paddle board represents. Once people get into the paddle boarding regularly, a carbon fiber paddle is a nice upgrade over the 3-piece fiberglass travel paddles that are included in our iSUP packages. iSUP backpacks are always a handy accessory if you travel a lot. And lastly, if you paddle in shallow water like rivers frequently, a 6” deep river fin is a nice alternative to have over the standard 9” SUP fin.

Extended Product Information

What is the Tower S-Class Fusion Construction?

Construction on the Tower S-Class Start Series is a notable change for Tower. Each board in the S-Class series has a Tower logo with a subscript “S” trailing the “r” in Tower. The “S” signifies it is part of the S-Class Starter Series, which is made with fusion construction. While it’s not the same double layer, hand glued construction Tower Paddle Boards is famous for over the founding decade of our existence, we believe it’s time for Tower to introduce an even more economical board into the market as a “Starter board”. While it’s more economical, it’s not a low quality board. It's NOT like the single layer iSUPs flooding the market. This is a quality starter iSUP, just sold direct to consumer so you save huge.

Founded in 2010, for over a decade Tower produced only inflatable paddle boards using double layer, hand glued construction, which is the gold standard and most expensive construction in the inflatable stand up paddle board industry. The truth is our cost efficient direct to consumer only distribution strategy allowed us to do this and still have some of the best prices in the industry for close to a decade. We specialize in affordable luxury.

Over time, however, all sorts of fly-by-night SUP brands popped up trying to mimic Tower’s high profile success in the inflatable paddle board market. But they did this by selling far lower quality paddle boards and trying to spin them off as equivalent quality, often employing excessive amounts of advertising, affiliate marketing, or fake reviews on Amazon. It confused consumers in the market to the point that today, something like 90% of consumers are duped into purchasing a single layer inflatable paddle board, the lowest quality and lowest cost construction on the market. Even most of the better known and respected brands in the industry sell fusion boards, like our new S-Class Starter Series “Economy line”, as the most premium construction they offer. They’re decent, but they are not on par with double layer, hand glued construction.

Our Tower S-Class series, produced in fusion construction is our first foray into a more economical production process. We do this to give first time buyers and more economically focused buyers a better option than buying a disposable single layer board.

Understanding Inflatable SUP Pricing

When we started Tower in 2010 with our (somewhat pioneering at the time) direct to consumer strategy, we were selling paddle boards at $499 while the competition sold them for $1200 to $1600. Pretty much all the paddle board brands sold into the retail distribution channel at the time where boards were sold face to face, so low quality boards weren’t an option. Everything was decent quality or better. With the competition touting “you get what you pay for”, it took 2 years of slow growth for consumers to come to understand that our Tower inflatable SUPs were not only the same or better quality, but you could reach us on the phone while you couldn’t with the other brands. Our service was better. Our prices were half. And our quality was as good or better. With time, we became the biggest brand name is SUP and still hold that title today in quality inflatable paddle boards. Soon, we became one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Then we were one of the first paddle boards to sell on Amazon - Jeff Bezo's even name dropped us in one of his annual letters to stockholders. Our success was noted, and there have been dozens and dozens of imitation attempts.

As we launch the S-Class Fusion construction boards in 2022, the market has changed dramatically. The market today is dominated by two factions. Today, the market is infested with the lowest quality boards possible from an unending number of here today, gone tomorrow brands. And good luck with customer service! I've seen FaceBook groups dedicated to customer service complaints on one or another SUP brand that have hundreds of members.

Faction #1: On the low end is disposable-quality, single layer inflatable paddle boards sold by the hundreds of thousands a month by a dizzying array of fly-by-night brands and Chinese non-brands, mostly on Amazon, driving the quality of iSUPs and the quality of customer service lower and lower as they fight with each other for pole position on Amazon and give Amazon half the revenue when revenue share and advertising fees are factored in.

Faction #2: The other faction is the heavy advertising brands that typically sell fusion construction boards (and many also sell single layer boards), and try to pass them both off as the highest quality construction and price them even above Tower’s double layer, hand glued construction boards. Many of them are finding success in growing revenue because spending millions upon millions on advertising is pretty effective at hoodwinking consumers. Nonetheless at the end of the day, the advertising platforms are efficient monopolies so their cut of what consumer’s pay grows and grows by the year to near half the price. Most of these brands spend more today on advertising and commissions to the channel to sell a single board then they do on producing that board. So really, the biggest ticket item you are paying for today in the SUP world is to be advertised to. Not the product. It's shocking! As such, the paddle board industry has ironically come full circle back to retail with 50% margins being absorbed by the channel, Amazon, monopolistic ad platforms, or all three. Consumers once again are getting screwed.

Thus in today’s market, Tower’s challenge is not just to prove that our prices are so low on the highest quality boards because of our direct to consumer only strategy, but also to illuminate the reality that most boards being hawked as quality today are anything but quality, even from brands that claim to be the “best selling sup brand worldwide” or the “#1 SUP brand” or “Premium boards at non-premium prices” or whatever nonsense claims they can conjure up. Our challenge is to illuminate the fact that ad heavy brands are charging you more for lesser boards than Tower sells because they have to spend millions in advertising. We’re back to retail. Tower is one of the few paddle board brands out there that sells direct to consumer ONLY, and critically doesn’t sell wholesale, or thru excessively heavy ad spending (we've spent less than 3% of revenues on ads over the past decade, where many brands spend more than 30%!), or by giving retail margins to Amazon and driving quality to the basement in order to make all these schemes work.

The introduction of the Tower S-Class Starter Series is Tower once again showing SUP consumers that the best value is (and always has been) buying from Tower, with our direct to consumer ONLY business model.

And if you are interested in something more premium than this starter board, our Premium and Elite Series are also the best value you can find on the most premium construction boards out there:

Tower | Premium Series - 2 Year Warranty
X-Class | Elite Series - 3 Year Warranty

Inflatable Paddle Board Performance Expectations
S-Class Inflatable Paddle Board Performance Expectations
Diagram of Fusion Construction
Fusion iSUP Construction Diagram

The Reviews Are In!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Debra Hake
I have 2 so others can learn paddle boarding

I love paddle boarding and am working to have the 5 hr work day. I want to share these wonderful boards. I love that I can put 2 in the back of my mini cooper. I can now teach others. Sturdy quality affordable fun and when I needed the customer service they proved they know what those two words mean


Love my tower paddle board. So durable.

Pamela Nicely
good "girl board"

The S Class is 5 lbs lighter than the Adventurer II, which seems to make it significantly easier for me (a female) to get the board from car to water and back, with no discernible difference (to me, an inexpert reviewer!) in performance.

Shayla Patten
Best purchase ever!

I live on a canal in the Florida Keys and I’ve been searching for the perfect paddleboard to get out onto the water and enjoy the perks of living in paradise. I love this Tower board because it’s more stable than other inflatable boards I’ve tried over the years. It was easy to blow up and it’s light enough to carry around with ease. It’s been great exercise and has done wonders already for my physical and mental health! Absolutely would recommend to anyone interested.

Seth Francis
Great value for money

well made, easy to use, quality materials, works well, excellent value, would certainly buy again

Mark Krautsack
Great quality

This is my third inflatable the first one six years ago and it is still on very good shape.

Loving it so far

I absolutely love my Tower board! It's incredibly rigid and stable, even in choppy waters. And as a smaller rider, I really appreciate the light weight. Plus, it's just plain fun to ride! Highly recommend.

Lighter than I expected

Just got the Tower S-Class All Around Inflatable Paddle Board and it's impressive! Stable, lightweight, durable, and versatile, used it 3 times already, and it's perfect for any adventure. Highly recommend this fun and reliable paddle board! Thanks, Tower!

Holden Winship
Lite and durable

What a great lite and durable board. Recently took a trip to Puerto Vallarta and it was so easy to check it on the plane. Then carrying it up and down to the beach was a breeze. Would definitely recommend this board to someone who wants a good lite board.

William Bergsma
Impressed with the Quality

I recently purchased the All Around SUP and I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the board. It's quite a bit cheaper than their other boards, but it seems pretty perfect to me.