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Tower Inflatable SUP Buying Guide

Which Tower Inflatable Board is Best for Me?

With so many different inflatable paddle board brands and boards to choose from, finding the inflatable paddle board that is correct for you can be a difficult choice. You have already made the fantastic choice to get a Tower Paddle Board, but now comes the question: Which one of Tower’s awesome paddle boards is right for me? Well we would be happy to help you pick the perfect Tower Paddle Board for you! Just contact us or if you want to go the do-it-yourself route, try our handy SUP Board Finder Quiz to find the perfect SUP for you. 

All of our Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards feature layered Military Grade PVC Vinyl, combined with a superior drop stitch to help keep the board hard and rigid at higher pressures. For the current roster of iSUPs at Tower, we have five 10 '4 ” boards (Adventurer 2, Mermaid, Yachtsman, All Around, and Xtreme), one 12' 6” board (the iRace), and one 14’ board (The Xplorer). These seven models span across 3 classes: the S-Class Starter Series, the classic Tower Premium Series, and the X-Class Elite Series. Below you can read more about these individual boards!

Tower S-Class Beginner Series

S-Class Beginner Series

This is our entry level inflatable paddle board class made with lightweight fusion construction. This is a great place to start if you are looking to dip your toes into the sport of stand up paddle boarding and you're on a budget. You'll get Tower quality and service, but also a price that won't break the bank. 

All Around

Our All Around 10'4" S-Class board is our lightweight fusion construction iSUP. It's lighter, but a little less durable. This is the first time we've made an inflatable paddle board with construction less than the gold standard double layer handle glued construction like our Tower Premium class boards which we've carried for over a decade. While this board is not up to our premium class standard, and only has a 1 year warranty, this is the top quality board from most of the major brands in the industry - most of them don't even offer a board in the double layer, hand glued construction of our standard Tower Premium Class boards. We also sell this beginner board at an incredible direct to consumer price. Click here to check it out!

Tower Premium Series iSUPs

Tower Premium Class Boards

Our line of 10’4” boards are fantastic for riders of all skill levels. These boards feature 10’4” length, 32” width at its widest, and a 6 inch thick deck for superior rigidity and stability. These dimensions help make our 10’4” boards do well in many different riding conditions. With a 350 pound weight capacity, this board can hold most people well. Whether it is riding on the lake, a day out on the lake, or cruising down the river, the 10’4” boards are the perfect size to accommodate most water settings!

Adventure 2

Our Adventure 2 board is a redesign of our original Adventure 9’10” board. With a slightly bigger design to give a bit more stability and control, the Adventure 2 only improves on the original! The Adventure 2 also has the addition of bungee netting at the top of the board for storage while riding. Click here to check it out!


Our Mermaid board is a recolor of our Adventure 2 board. With all the same features and size of the Adventure 2, the Mermaid comes in with a beautiful seafoam green and white color scheme that is sure to turn heads on the water! Click here to check it out


The Yachtsman is the third of our 10’4” inflatable boards and the most unique. While it has the same shape and dimensions as the Adventure 2 and Mermaid, the looks of the board are quite different. The biggest draw of the Yachtsman is the Teak Wood style deck pad. The deck pad is still the same EVA Foam material as the deck pad on our other boards, just with a fun design to it! Click here to check it out!

The other unique aspect of the Yachtsman versus the other 10’4” boards is that the Yachtsman does not come with the bungee netting like the Adventure 2 and Mermaid do. However, this bungee netting can be added after. You would just need to purchase 4 of these d-rings and then follow the instructions in this video to get them mounted on!

12’6” iRace

Our 12’6” iRace model is an interesting board within our Tower Inflatable lineup. This board was designed (as the name might suggest) with speed as the forefront. Our iRace board is our narrowest board at 30” at the widest spot (down from 32” on all of our other boards) and the thickness tapers off much quicker than our other board designs. As a result, this board requires a bit more balance than our other designs, but trades off for speed of the board. The iRace board is great for race training, especially for the 12’6” Paddle Board Race category. Click here to check it out!

This board, like the Yachtsman, does not come with the bungee netting, but can be added after.

X-Class Elite Series 8" Thick iSUPs

X-Class Elite Series

Our elite series boards are some of the only 8" thick iSUPs in the market. We pioneered the industry moving from 4" thick boards to 6" boards in 2011, and we also do 8" thick boards which are 800% more rigid than the old 4" boards. These boards have industry leading rigidity for iSUPs. They also come with a 3 year warranty. 

10'4" Xtreme

Similar to our most popular template at 10'4" in length, but we make this a little wider at 35" wide instead of 32" wide. The reason we do this is the 8" thickness of this makes your center of gravity a little higher and so the extra width ensure perfect stability. This is one of the most rigid inflatable paddle boards on the market. Click here to check it out

14’ Xplorer

Our 14’ Xplorer is our largest and by far our most stable board. Coming in at 14’, the Xplorer also features an 8'' board thickness, 2 inches more than all of the rest of the boards. This increased thickness helps the board be more buoyant and easier to paddle on. The more robust design of the Xplorer helps it come in with a max weight capacity of about 700 pounds, making it ideal if you want to ride with one or two people at the same time. We usually like to recommend the Xplorer board for those who are looking to go on paddle board adventures like camping, or if someone is looking to go fishing off one of our paddle boards. So if you are looking for extra stability and room, the Xplorer is perfect for you! Click here to check it out!