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Mermaid Inflatable Paddle Board Package


The Mermaid women’s paddle board has the exact same dimensions and specs as our famous Adventurer 2 board but with a stylish new colorway. The board comes equipped with an extra handle on the nose and tail for easy carrying as well as a cargo net up front for securing items onboard. Made with high-quality PVC and drop-stitching technology, this is a supremely high-quality, lightweight women’s paddle board at a low direct-to-consumer price.


Full Package Includes

  • One (1) Mermaid 10'4" Inflatable Paddle Board
  • One (1) 9" Hook & Pin Center Fin
  • One (1) iSUP Repair Kit
  • One (1) Five Hour Workday Book
  • One (1) Hand Pump with PSI Pressure Gauge
  • One (1) 3-Piece Adjustable Fiberglass SUP Paddle

NOTE: We also sell this iSUP by itself as a board only with no pump and paddle for $50 less. Buy the board only

The Most Trusted Brand in SUP, Tower

  • 2-Year 'Hassle-Free' Warranty
  • Premium Customer Service - Call, email, or walk in
  • Founder Owned & Operated Small Business Since 2010  

Weight: 26 lbs

Dimensions: 10'4" length by 32 width by 6 thickness

Volume: Unknown exactly, but probably 300 Liters plus

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs

Nose Rocker: 4 inches

Tail Rocker: No tail rocker

Fin Configuration: 2+1 plastic fins, with large detachable center fin

Onboard Accessories: Carrying handle, front towing d-ring, rear surf leash d-ring

Included External Accessories: A Fiberglass 3-pc paddle, a detachable SUP center fin, an inflatable SUP hand pump, a Tower branded deck pad. Repair kit comes with patches and valve wrench (glue is to be sourced locally)

Construction: Double layer, hand-glued 6" thick construction. High-pressure inflatable (Tested safe to 20 PSI, but only 10-12 PSI is necessary for optimal performance)

Against defects in workmanship & materials
We stand behind our products
On orders over $100

TOWER Classic

PREMIUM Series Paddle Boards

The ORIGINAL invention by Tower in 2011 that disrupted the entire SUP industry, the world’s first 6” thick inflatable paddle boards. We increased iSUP thickness by 50%, which increased rigidity by 325%. Suddenly, you could enjoy the convenience and portability of an inflatable SUP with the stability and speed of a hard board. The SUP industry went from less than 1% inflatable paddle boards to over 90% today as every brand eventually copied our innovation.

We’re still one of the few brands who uses hand glued double layer construction, the gold standard of quality, which is critical when you want maximum rigidity and durability in a 6” inflatable SUP.

Tower Inflatable SUPs offer a superior experience compared to hard paddle boards - they're more fun, safe, durable, convenient, easy to store and transport, and economical. Our 6" thick inflatable paddle boards have become the market leader for these reasons.
Tower’s design approach prioritizes function and simplicity, creating a visual that is elegant, timeless, and impactful. Tower customers are a discerning, stylish group.
The Premium Series uses a double layered, hand glued construction that competitors are unwilling to do since it requires more time and expense to produce. No corners cut here. You get ultimate durability and a 2 year warranty.

Tower iSUPs have received accolades all over the internet for well over a decade. The luxury magazine Robb Report titled one of our Premium Series iSUPs as the #1 SUP worldwide.

Double Layer, Hand Glued Quality

6” thick | 325% more rigid
This is the gold standard technique in SUP production and a proven technology with over 10 years of market presence. These boards last the longest in the industry, by far. Labor intensive and not inexpensive, if you want the best, this is what you get. These have a deck thickness of 2.2mm, versus 1.4mm in fusion construction, and 0.7mm in single layer. A few pounds heavier, but that gets you loads of added rigidity and durability.

Inflatable Paddle Board FAQ

How do I inflate an inflatable SUP board?

iSUP packages come with a high-pressure hand pump with a special H3 valve and a PSI gauge. It takes about 5-7 minutes to fully inflate your iSUP to the 10-12 PSI we recommend. They are safe to inflate up to about 20 PSI as a safety precaution so you don’t overinflate, but 10-12 PSI is all that’s necessary. Optionally, you can buy an electric pump where you set the desired inflation PSI level, hit start and it does the rest.

What PSI do I inflate my inflatable SUP to?
We recommend 10-12 PSI for optimal performance. Our iSUPs are safe to inflate up to about 20 PSI as a safety precaution so you don’t overinflate, but 10-12 PSI is all that’s necessary on Tower boards as they are by design made with quality construction that is very rigid even at lower PSI inflation levels.
How do I install the center fin on my iSUP?
It’s very easy and secure. All current Tower iSUPs use what’s called a hook & pin center fin, where you hook the front base of the fin over a catch in the fin box, slide it back as far as you can by tapping the fin with your hand which will align the rear fin base catch over the hole in the fin box which you simply insert the tethered pin fin thru. Just reverse the steps for fin removal.
Can I use an electric pump with my iSUP?

Yes, you can use a special high-pressure electric pump suitable for inflatable paddle boards. It will have the required H3 valve. You simply set the desired PSI, hit start, and it will auto-inflate the board. Note, most “inflatable” product pumps won’t cut it as they are not specialized high-pressure pumps, so you will need to buy a pump specifically for high-pressure inflatable SUPs. Additionally, while many people will try to use an air compressor jimmy rigged with an H3 valve, it is extremely easy to overinflate your iSUP this way and blow apart the seams. You board will be ruined. Obviously, use of any compressors voids your warranty.

How do I deflate an iSUP?
When you open the valve cap on the rear deck of your iSUP, you will see a yellow valve stem button. You deflate your iSUP by depressing that valve stem button and twisting it clockwise to lock it in the down position. This valve stem acts as a toggle between a one-way valve when it’s in the up position and a two-way valve when it’s in the down position. Use the valve stem up position when inflating your board so you can inflate and then remove the pump without the air rushing out. Use the valve stem down position when deflating your board. Air will rush out vigorously, and you roll the board from the other end to push air out as you roll it up for storage.
How durable is my iSUP?
Inflatable paddle boards are made of military grade PVC similar to what you find on commercial river rafts. You can run them up on the rocks just fine without damaging them. In fact, one of the key benefits of inflatable SUPs over hardboards is that iSUPs are nearly indestructible. We don’t recommend you do this, but we’ve run over Tower iSUPS with a car while they are inflated and they don’t miss a beat. They are also extremely durable when deflated and rolled up so you don’t really need a protective bag at all.
How long does my inflatable SUP hold air?
We keep our fleet of inflatable SUP boards for our demos inflated for months at a time and they never really seem to lose air. Even though most people think of inflating and deflating their inflatable SUP every time they go out, what a lot of people end up doing is just keeping it inflated. The beauty of these boards is really that they are nearly indestructible (when compared to an EPS/Epoxy boards that are prone to getting nicked up). The ability to deflate them, roll them up, and transport them in a tight space is often times only an occasional thing and sometimes an afterthought on these inflatable boards.
What iSUP accessories do you recommend?

Our most popular accessory is an electric pump as not everyone enjoys the pre-workout that inflating your paddle board represents. Once people get into the paddle boarding regularly, a carbon fiber paddle is a nice upgrade over the 3-piece fiberglass travel paddles that are included in our iSUP packages. iSUP backpacks are always a handy accessory if you travel a lot. And lastly, if you paddle in shallow water like rivers frequently, a 6” deep river fin is a nice alternative to have over the standard 9” SUP fin.

Extended Product Information

A Women’s Paddle Board for All Skill Levels

Have you always wanted to get into paddle boarding but never knew what board to start off with? Look no further! The Mermaid SUP is great for more advanced users, but it’s also the best stand-up paddle board for a woman who’s just starting out. This 6-inch-thick board has plenty of buoyancy and a quick turning radius, so it’s great for both paddle boarding beginners and experts. Paddle boarding can seem difficult to master at first, but thanks to our beginner-friendly SUP design, it’s easier than ever. And with the Mermaid’s stylish colorway, this board is sure to have you standing out and turning heads.

Be Wary of Inferior Boards

You may find that some newer boards on the market cost about the same as ours, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the same. The Mermaid inflatable SUP has an amazing price because we sell it direct to consumers: It’s still a high-end, well-designed inflatable SUP. Other companies’ newer boards made with the fused process may be lightweight, but they lose rigidity and durability in this newer construction process and are much lower-quality boards overall. Competitors’ boards are characterized by issues including:

  • Poorly designed detachable fins that frequently fall off during use.
  • Cheap bags that are bundled in that you’ll never use (a simple strap works fine)
  • A seriously annoying sagging issue that leads to wet feet
  • The cheapest available, uncomfortable traction pads
  • Inadequate floatation for heavier paddlers
  • Questionably designed inflation pumps that come apart
  • Pressure gauges that are not integrated into the pump, so you have to pump, detach, check inflation, pump, detach, check, etc.
  • Lack of a surf leash attachment or towing attachment

Don’t settle for a low-quality paddle board. Buy the best stand-up paddle board for women at consumer-direct pricing and get the most value for your money. The Mermaid won’t disappoint and will provide you with many affordable, comfortable, and fun paddle boarding journeys. Place your order today.

Diagram of Double Layer Hand Glued Inflatable SUP Construction
Double Layer Hand Glued iSUP Construction Diagram

The Reviews Are In!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Nancy Fitzpatrick
Excellent inflatable SUP!

I recently bought the Mermaid inflatable SUP, and have used it twice. It is very easy to inflate ( I also bought the electric pump, so I didn’t wear out my arms and shoulders with the hand-pump!), super light to carry, and easy to put the tail fin in.
The board is great - very balanced, sturdy, and well-constructed. Besides standing, I also experimented with paddling while on my knees, sitting, and even doing yoga on the board, also very easy because it IS so balanced.
Might be important to note- I am 68 yrs ( young), and found this board to be excellent in all aspects, whether a beginner, older person, or experienced paddler.
I also needed to contact the company with a couple questions, and I found their customer service rep ( Galen) to be VERY competent and helpful.
I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to purchase water sports equipment!

Eric Filkin
Great Fun, Easy to Use!

I bought this board for my wife as her old board (non-Tower) sprung a leak. She loves it! The color, the handling, the paddle! We spent about 3 hours paddling around Fort Lauderdale and it was perfect.

Jeffrey Kentch

You should include a carry bag with the iSUPs. That would truly complete the package. I live in upstate NY, haven’t had the opportunity to use the board, can’t wait to use the board.

Jennifer Cuervo
Love it!

I literally love it so much! It’s so durable and holds space and weight for 3 people you could even probably have 4 kids or 5. I love it so much so worth it !

Great board!

This is my second Tower board and first inflatable one. While I love my hard board, this one is lighter and not as easily dinged. I look forward to paddling many miles on Smith Mountain Lake!

MK Bailey
Tower Mermaid SUP

The board is perfect for my water outings. Being new to paddle boarding, it took a small amount to time to find the "tipping angle" during weight shifting, which is really wide, giving great stability. The set up, weight for carrying and launching are great. My only small change in design would be to add a secure pin/cord for keeping the detachable fin with the board when it is taken off. Still, a five star product for me.

Love my new Tower Mermaid ISUP

I love my new Tower stand up paddle board. I bought it as a second board so I can invite friends to join me who don't have their own board. I think the price is great for such a high quality board. My other board was $1400 but I don't see any difference in the quality so the price of Tower is really great. I like the color of the Mermaid board but my friend has a black and white one and it is cool too.
Their customer service is great. Last year I contacted them about my friends board and they were very helpful. I highly recommend this board to anyone who wants an easy way to transport a board and get on the water more often

Great Product


Joe O

The ISUP is everything that was promised. Has brought a lot of fun and smiles to the gals that use it..

So fun!

I've only used the board 4 times so far but I'm having a great time! The board is super stable, even on rivers and scoots along great. I really like how big the footing pad is, I've been able to take my 50 lb dog and my nephews on the back (separately) and there's lots of room for them to sit. I have the manual pump which is super easy to use, I can get up to 8-10psi in about 6 or 7 minutes. The carry handles have nice padding and make carrying the board easy. The big flipper also goes on and off super easy. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and likely buying another!