Inflatable Floating Dock - Swim Step 10' x 5'

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Inflatable Floating Dock - Swim Step 10' x 5'

1 review(s)

The swim step is a 5' x 10' x 6” inflatable floating dock that can be used as a boating extension. The swim step also provides a great substitute for swim ladders. Resting only 6" off the water, this inflatable dock is extremely easy to hop on to and get back on your feet after exiting the water. Two hand straps are conveniently located to aid in grabbing and getting back onto the dock.

The surface of the platform is remarkably flat and solid, making the swim step feel exactly like a traditional dock. The Swim Step has three handles to help you carry it when inflated, and four D-Rings that can be used to tow or to dock the platform to a solid surface. Your purchase also comes with two storage straps and a hand pump for inflation.

  • Rolled up dimensions: 5’ by 22” round
  • Weight capacity: 900lbs

2 year warranty 

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Inflatable Boat Dock

The swim step is perfect for adding extra space surrounding your boat. You can easily anchor the swim step to your boat using its side D-rings, and use the dock as a platform to clean, paint, or scrub your boat. Cleaning a boat is a tough task but with our inflatable boat dock its easier than ever to maneuver around your boat and clean hard to reach places.

Space can be very limited on a boat, but with the addition of the swim step its almost like having another whole room beside your boat. The swim step is an additional 10 x 5 ft space for people to stand, tan and relax while out on your boat, and helps make your boat more accommodating for larger groups. The swim step can easily be towed behind a boat as well.

Our swim step only weighs 59 lbs, but is able to withstand 900lbs of onboard weight. The Swim step rolls up into a 5’ by 22” round space making it storable even on smaller boats.

We recognized a need in the market for a portable dock platform thats easy to get on and maneuver. Traditional docks were stagnant, slippery, non-versatile, and hard to get in and out of the water. Laying and tanning on traditional docks lead to sore backs and hot surfaces. For these reasons and more, the Swim Step was created.

Created with the same PVC construction and drop-stitch technology seen in our award winning best inflatable sup,our swim step is revolutionarily durable. Other inflatable docks on the market are easily puntured and made out of lower grade plastic, resulting in more of an inner-tube feeling product. We promise you will be astonished at how flat and rigid the swim step truly is.

Inflatable Water Platform

We started this product campaign as a kickstarter which quickly began trending and gained a massive following. The Swim Step was even more versatile then initially thought. It's uses were endless, and customers began sending us photos of all the different ways they were using the dock.

Here's some creative ways to use the swim step:

  • Set up chairs and cooler and fish and drink while floating around.
  • Set up chairs and a table and have a dinner out on the water.
  • Floating beer pong table.
  • Summer days out on sandbars.
  • Surface platform for storing diving equipment and nets when snorkeling or scuba diving.

Approved by Stephan Aarstol


Weight: 59 lbs

Dimensions: 10' length by 5' width by 6" thickness

Rolled-Up Dimensions: 5' by 22" round

Weight Capacity: Up to 900 lbs

Materials: Military Grade PVC, Drop Stitch Technology and EVA Foam

Onboard Accessories: Carrying handle, front towing d-ring, rear surf leash d-ring

Included External Accessories: Four D-rings, three attached handles. Repair kit comes with patches and valve wrench (glue is to be sourced locally).

Construction: High-pressure inflatable to 15 PSI

1 review(s)

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Unlimited Possibilities

Review by: from San Diego on 3/10/2020
The swim step can actually do it all. Was surprised at how firm and flat it is once inflated. It definitely doesn't feel like an inflatable product at all, more like a solid platform, but still with a cushioned feel.

Initially was going to use as a stepping stone to get in the water at my dock, but have found it great to use just out in the water/ocean in general. I love being able to have my own little island out in the bay and its large surface is great for bringing snacks and chairs to sit out on while floating in the water. Love it!