Paddle Board Leash - 10' Dakine Coiled

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10' Coiled SUP Surfing Leash by Dakine

Paddle Board Leash - 10' Dakine Coiled

24 review(s)

Paddle Board Leash

A solid coiled paddle board surfing ankle leash made by a proven brand in the surf industry for over three decades. This 10 foot coiled leash will ensure that your paddle board never drifts too far if you happen to fall off. Also, if your are stand up paddle surfing, having a leash is vital so that you don't loose your board after every wipeout. 

Paddle Board Leash Features:

  • 10 Feet long
  • Coiled leash so it will recoil back to you
  • Triple wrap rail saver
  • Padded ankle cuff

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Paddle Board Leash

10' Coiled Paddle Board Surfing leash by Dakine

Surf leashes were the original product that Dakine made. The started making leashes in the late 70s that were specially designed to handle the treacherous waves on Maui and the Hawaiian islands. They know leashes as well as any company, so you can be confident their paddle board surfing leashes are designed well.

This 10 coiled SUP surfing leash is constructed of a 5/16th urethane cord with a triple wrap SUP rail saver on one end and a padded ankle cuff on the other end that wraps securely around your ankle with Velcro.

About DaKine

While DaKine started out just making surf leashes, they have expanded their operations over the years and now make a full complement of surf and stand up paddle surfing gear including SUP traction pads, stand up paddle board bags, surf wear, and a growing list of SUP accessories.

Why do you need a paddle board leash?

You may be wondering why someone would need wear a leash while paddle boarding. There are two main reasons that you would need a paddle board leash. First, if you use your classic stand up paddle board to surf, then a leash is useful so when you wipe out your board doesn't go too far from you. For the stand up paddle surfers out there, a paddle board leash is highly recommended. The second reason you would need a paddle board leash is if you are worried about falling off your paddle board. With a paddle board leash when you fall off your board, the SUP will not go far from you so you can easily get back on. This paddle board leash can be attached to either a classic paddle board or an inflatable paddleboard

24 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 24 Reviews:


Review by: from on 8/28/2017
Not much to say about these except they are comfortable, and very high quality. Really like them... will use for river & lake SUP.

Customer Service

Review by: from on 7/21/2017
When I ordered the leash, I used the wrong zip for delivery. The company caught my error and called. I really appreciate that they cared enough to go the extra mile.

14' Xplorer

Review by: from on 7/16/2017
Bought the 14' Xplorer. Has exceeded my expectations. Am looking to traveling with via flight to Jersey Shore.

Great customer service.


Review by: from on 6/7/2017
The material is comfortable. I like the coil because it means the cord is not hanging down so low in the water to catch on lake or sea debris.

surf leash

Review by: from on 5/17/2017
works very well--good product!

Dakine coiled 10ft leash

Review by: from on 3/30/2017
Simple and works

nice leash

Review by: from on 3/22/2017
great product


Review by: from on 9/10/2016
Leash is comfortable, I forget that it's there. Stays nicely on the board and doesn't get caught underfoot. It looks really cool too.

Great leash

Review by: from on 8/16/2016
Great leash and works as indicated.

Love it!

Review by: from on 8/15/2016
High mountain lakes and inflatable SUP is the best!!

10" coiled surfing leash

Review by: from on 8/6/2016
Great leash, used as a tie up rope also.

Works well

Review by: from on 8/1/2016
Leash works well - nothing outstanding.

I would recommended the coiled leash.

Review by: from on 7/27/2016
A very strong and useful leash that does not drag around too much as it is coiled. I loved the product.

Dakine leash

Review by: from on 7/7/2016
Good quality, good price

Great product

Review by: from on 6/21/2016
Excellent quality!

Coiled Leash

Review by: from on 6/15/2016
A glance at this tells you it's well-designed and well-constructed. It's also very comfortable: once it's on and you're paddling, you forget it's there. The coiled design keeps it out of the water.

High Quality!!

Review by: from on 4/24/2015
this leash is skookum for sure. thanks.

Quality product

Review by: from on 9/8/2014
Not much to say. Good quality leash.

Leash Review

Review by: from on 1/9/2014
The leash works as expected. I no longer catch kelp when paddling.
The shipment took only 2days, 1 day less than expected.

However, the price with shipping turned out to be 25% higher than one purchased at my local surf shop.

Great 10' Leash by DaKine!

Review by: from on 11/15/2013
It was everything that I wanted and expected it to be. Since I live in San Diego, I was able to order it online and pick it up on the same day - because I wanted to try it out with my new ISUP the next day. A very smooth online order experience!