Used Paddle Boards for Sale

In addition to local San Diego demo boards, we occasionally get returned and exchanged paddle boards that have been used. We batch test and process them for grab bag sales we do a few times a year. We blast out what's available to our email list and they typically sell out within a few hours. We've sold 60 used paddle boards in under an hour before. It's a great deal for customers and it helps us clear out any returns from the warehouse to keep things tidy.

There are two classes of used stand up paddle boards that we typically receive and resell:

Option 1: Used Paddle boards that have been tested and proven to hold air and function. Almost new, with only minor blemishes. Likely only ridden 1-5 times.

Option 2: Slightly more used boards either with cosmetic blemishes or more wear and tear. May have a small leak, but it will be circled and a patch kit is included in your order to repair yourself.