4 Activities You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Dog

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If dogs could talk, and write for that matter, they would put together a list like this and call it, “The top four things I’d like to do before I’m called to doggy heaven.” A doggy bucket list, if you will. They would sit at your feet with those big, irresistible eyes and beg you to take them. After all, day in and day out, they are obedient, faithful and without a doubt the only one who is excited to see you every time you walk through the front door. It’s their turn to get out, stretch their legs, let their tongue hang out and release their inner free bird.

1.) Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you’re like us, you don’t go anywhere without your four-legged companion-- & that includes the water! SUPing with your pup is a great way to build trust and teach your dog to feel safe and comfortable around water. While it doesn’t require a lot of work from them, it’s just as important to stimulate your dog in ways besides just physical activity. They will simply be stoked to be out and about with you instead of sitting inside or watching from the beach.

2.) Doggie Yoga or Doga

It’s only natural to find a peace of mind with your best fur friend, afterall they are the originators of downward facing dog! Doggie Yoga or Doga consists of a series of gentle stretches and massage for your canine, along with a little meditation. Doga allows you and your dog to synchronize your energy and deepen your relationship. Besides that, it aids in limberness, which is a win for everyone.

3.) Dog Mud Runs and Obstacle Races

There is nothing more rewarding than running your pup until they drop. To the point where their tongue seems it will never return back to it’s resting place and the panting can be heard from the neighbor’s house. Bond with your dog over a mud run or obstacle race and be certain they will drop with complete exhaustion and total happiness! Races like this allow your pup to connect with their natural instincts and since they cannot complete a race without you, it will help solidify your bond and teach them some new skills -- making them the cool dog on the block.

4.) Kayaking

Think there isn’t enough room for two on your kayak? Think again! Kayaking with your fur baby is a great way to teach them patience and obedience. To ensure you don’t tip, you’ll have to work on clarifying your commands so that everyone in your kayak, as in you and your dog, are able to enjoy a safe, smooth ride.

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