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Paddle Boarding Miami: Top 5 Places to SUP

Sunny weather and warm water make paddle boarding Miami a top destination for SUP activists. Paddle boarding Miami is possible almost 360 days out of the year, and with so many unique spots to SUP, it's easy to see why paddleboarding has become such a popular sport in the area. There are a few restrictions on where you can paddle board in Miami, so make note of any laws or regulations you may have to follow before choosing a spot to paddle board. Here are out top 5 spots for paddle boarding Miami.

venetian islands in Florida

#1 Venetian Islands

Ever wondered how the top 1% live? Paddle boarding Miami’s Venetian Island chain is a good way to start. The Venetian Islands are notorious for their luxurious mansion styled homes with spectacular views of the Miami skyline. If you’re interested in dream house shopping, paddle boarding around the island is a great opportunity to see some of the world's finest architecture, and most expensive homes.

The waters around the island chain are relatively calm and beginner friendly. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the homes, and do not dock or paddle down any canal, these are privately owned piers and beaches.



girl paddleboarding under tree cover

#2 Oleta River State Park

Located in northern Miami Beach, this river flows into Maule Lake and has an extremely rich plant ecosystem. Paddle boarding down this river will have you forgetting you’re still in a city. Mangrove trees and brushes of the brightest green color illuminate this river, even in its heavily shaded areas.

Paddling through this river at times will make you feel like you're in the Amazon Rainforest. Although this river looks like it would be home to alligators, do not worry, alligators have rarely been seen inhabiting these waters. There isn't much of a flow to this river at all, so paddling is still necessary, making this river a great paddle board workout route!

beach shoreline with a lighthouse in the background

#3 Key Biscayne

Off of Miami’s coast and accessible by car, Key Biscayne offers an island lifestyle and feel that's perfect for paddle boarding Miami. Located on the south side of the island is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, a well maintained state park to paddle board around, and see beautiful views of Miami’s downtown high rises.

The beaches on this island key are some of the more beautiful and secluded beaches in all of Miami. Enjoy your own private paddleboarding get-away close to the city, but far away from the noise and general public. Launching your paddleboard will be easier on the west side of the key, facing the mainland. We recommend staying on the west side of the island, to avoid direct headwinds that may chop the waters, and avoid the open ocean.

#4 Miami Marine Stadium

Just up the road from Key Biscayne is the famous Miami Marine Stadium, a novel paddle boarding location. The stadium was initially constructed as a venue for powerboat races back in the 60’s, but nowadays is abandoned the majority of the year. The stadium sits right on the waterfront with various mangrove trees and sandbars filling the waters below.

Paddling boarding Miami stadium and its nearby waters is a great opportunity to see wildlife and bird species that have made the mangrove environment their home. Numerous islands or “sandbars” make paddle boarding Miami stadium a fun island hopping adventure.

shoreline with kelp along the water

#5 Virginia Key

Arguably the nicest stretch of beach near downtown Miami, the Virginia Key is an oasis from the hectic city life. Paddle boarders and other watersports activists heavily flood these waters due to its awesome views and calm wind. While paddle boarding Miami it can be tough to see fish and other marine life in the water due the cities pollution levels, but that is not the case out on Virginia Key. Fish will be visible from almost every paddle boarding route in this area making for a surprising amount of sea life interaction. If you didn’t see your favorite animal while out in the water, visit the nearby Miami Sea Aquarium on your way back home and check out the sea life that was most likely swimming right underneath your board!