A Few Freedoms That Only People With The Beach Mindset Have

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Life balance and perspective

A consistent and resounding conundrum for anyone who actually loves their job, but loves their life even more. There’s never a time that being off in exotic, faraway places is less tempting than fulfilling the duties of everyday employment. What those with the beach mindset are able to do is parlay those activities into direct, fulfilling rewards; finish that report so that they can take that trip to Africa next month, or send off that last e-mail with the knowledge that something more exciting is right over the horizon. Much of this is a level of internal happiness and optimism that can indeed be taught.

The knowledge that work is not life

Because this statement’s validity would mean that monetized activities make life what it is, and that’s simply not true. We’ve all seen the data: up to a certain level, annual salary has bearing on stress relief and contentment in life but transcending that magic number, there is no increase in that contentment. This is often because those who are lucky enough to surpass that number are trading life experiences for what they perceive as an inarguably superior, tangible benefit: cold hard cash.

While financial security is important, the same caliber of achievement can be reached with a few less hours in front of the computer screen; happy people are productive people. Consider “the happiest country in the world,” Sweden; by law, every country in the European Union must provide workers at least four work weeks of paid vacation. This requirement, combined with longer paid paternity/maternity leave, socialized health care and a more generally active population means far less time in the office, and yet the country continues to thrive on both an economic and social level.

Lack of neuroses whilst donning less clothing

In other words, bearing skin is not a sin. See what we did there?

To speak to this point, partake of the below study:

“Lewis and Janda (1988) found a positive correlation between childhood exposure to nudity and adult sexual comfort. The authors point out, however, that some would see this as a reason to prevent childhood exposure to nudity, as their measures on comfort included acceptance of lifestyles that many would consider immoral or undesirable (such as premarital sex, or acceptance of homosexuality.)”

Immoral? Undesirable? Fascinating how far we’ve come since ’88; wonder if the author of this study was around for Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance last year. On a less antiquated note, full nudity is taking the point to an extreme but it stands to reason that those who are required to dress in a less suffocating fashion for temperature or activity’s sake feel less dictated by those stress-laden fashion choices and by the garb consistently constricting them; less material, less to worry about. One interesting parallel is the comparison of the East and Wests coasts of the United States.

Positive thoughts

Those with the beach mindset always have the next wave in mind, so that no matter how rocky the one they’re traversing at the time, they know it is but a fleeting moment in what will be an otherwise miraculous existence. You’ve seen our article on both the psychological and healthful benefits of living near the beach in proximity, but the positivity associated is not exclusive to this group. Anyone can roll out of bed and choose to be happy; truly, anyone can craft their lives in such a way that the good outweighs the occasionally unavoidable bad.

Acceptance of the fact that success comes in all shapes and sizes

This year, two alternative taxi services came out of Bay Area garages to underhaul worldwide public transportation as we know it; they’re currently battling each other tooth and nail to prove their respective businesses superior and come out on top. An entirely new form of currency that 99% of the human population has never touched or seen became the most elusive entity in modern history. One hundred more performers who can’t actually write a sentence became millionaires.

No idea, if brought to fruition, is too little or too much. Someone else’s definition of success does not lessen your own achievements. Whether you run your own tiny coffee kiosk or happen to be the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, if you’re alive and doing something that drives your passion, you’ve made it farther than most.

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