Discover Tow-in Surfing and Find Out Why It’s the Preferred Way to Surf Big Waves

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Discover Tow-in Surfing and Find Out Why It’s the Preferred Way to Surf Big Waves

Tow-in surfing has been on the rise for the last 20 years and compared to traditional surfing, it has certainly become the preferred way to catch big waves by many surf enthusiasts. Are you planning to hit the beach this summer and interested in picking up a new sport? If so, keep reading to find out why tow-in surfing is an awesome choice.

What Is Tow-In Surfing?

Tow-in surfing is like regular surfing, but instead of the surfer having to paddle out to the waves, the surfer is literally towed by a jet ski. Your driver will take you out far enough to catch the big waves and let the line go once you are in the perfect position. This exponentially increases your chances of catching and riding a big wave compared to the traditional way.

A Surfboard Is a Surfboard, Right?

Actually, there a few different types of surfboards, each one designed for the type of surfing that you are looking to do. The traditional surfboard is known as a longboard. These oversized boards were made to allow the surfer to lay down and paddle their way out to the big waves. Longer boards are now more commonly used for paddle boarding than riding large waves.

The tow-in surfboard is a much smaller and lighter board. This design gives the surfer more control over the board’s movements, allowing for sharper, quicker turns. It has become the preferred surfboard for many surfers, even when looking to paddle themselves out. Despite the board being smaller, the surfer can still comfortably paddle out to the waves if they prefer, while still getting the easy maneuvering of the tow-in experience.

Where to Buy Your Gear

Where you buy your gear really depends on how dedicated you are to the sport. While you can purchase tow-in boards through major sport retailers like Academy and Champion, the dedicated surfer will likely prefer a custom board. We like TowSurferwhich offers custom boards built to your specs and preferences, and they offer multiple designs and finishes. TowSurfer has become the leader in custom tow-in boards and is definitely worth looking into for your new board.

The Best Places for Tow-in Surfing

If you are located in the US, the two most well-known places for tow-in surfing are Hawaii and Santa Cruz, California. Hawaii is of course the home of surfing and people from around the world surf there year-round.

Santa Cruz is known for being the home of the first official surf shop where surfboards and wetsuits were exclusively sold to the public. Cool, right?! Santa Cruz is known for its rough monster waves, so beginners take heed. If you are just starting out, you may want to bring someone with more experience along with you just to be safe. The size of these waves can give you a run for your money.

Worldwide, Australia is the next preferred place for tow-in surfing. Multiple beaches in Australia are known for having optimal tow-in waves and if you don’t bring your own gear along, they have plenty of surf shops available to set you up for the day.

Get Ready to Ride Some Waves

Tow-in surfing is a great way to experience surfing without the rigorous upper body workout that comes with paddling out to the waves. Don’t worry though, you will still need plenty of leg and core strength to actually stay on the board.

If you haven’t tried tow-in surfing before, what are you waiting for? Think about it this way—even if you never stay on a wave, how fun would it still be to get pulled out to the waves by a jet ski? Have a great time this summer and hit some waves with tow-in surfing.

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