The 5 Best Bungee Jumping Locations In The U.S.

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For the past 36 years, adrenaline junkies have been getting their fix by jumping from tall structures connected only by elastic cords. Bungee Jumping has gained worldwide popularity with jumpers trying anything from bridge jumps and giant cranes to tall trees and large rocks. Seasoned jumpers and newbies alike, enjoy this list of the top 5 best places to bungee jump in the United States!

5.) Bridge To Nowhere, El Segundo, CA

While most bridges feature a road on both sides, the Bridge To Nowhere goes exactly where it says... nowhere. On one side is the East Fork Trail, and on the other is the side of a mountain. Built in the 1930s, the mysterious bridge is the result of a road project being canceled. This bungee jump does require a bit of a hike to get to. The bridge is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and requires a 10-mile roundtrip hike. The trek is worth the view though- surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountains, jumpers free fall 100 feet with the San Gabriel River rushing beneath them. The best part? Bungee America offers Night Bungee Jumps off of the bridge!

4. Royal Gorge Bridge, Canyon City, CO

The Royal Gorge Bridge is famous for being one of the largest suspension bridges in the world, measuring in at 1,260 feet long and suspended 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River. What makes this jump even more special? In order to legally bungee jump off of the bridge, jumpers must be invited by the GoFast! Games, a 3-day event for extreme sport enthusiasts. To be considered, you can apply to be a GoFast! Athlete by sending in a demo reel, a résumé listing past accomplishments, future goals and answering a few other questions.

3. Bungee Tower, Government Camp, OR

Switching it up from the bridge jumps, this location features a 150-foot tower to take your jump! While most bungee jumping towers simply drop visitors from a trap door, this tower requires a little bit more bravery - you have to dive, lean, fall or jump off of the edge. While jumping off the edge sounds scary, there is a giant safety airbag beneath you. And, the backdrop cannot be beat, beautiful Mount Hood!

2. Redwood Forest Trees, Humboldt, CA

Forget bridges and towers, how does jumping between two 200-foot tall Redwood trees sound?! Bungee Adventures, the only company that has legal permission to offer bungee jumping in the Redwood Forest, says this is a three-in-one adventure suitable for first timers looking for something more challenging and higher than the bridge jump.

First, jumpers have to climb the tree, then tightrope walk between two trees, then take the plunge! The company also offers Rock Bungee Jumps at a height of 300 feet as well as bridge jumps.

1. Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, AZ

Located at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, jumpers come to the Navajo Bridge to experience a 467-foot drop over the Colorado River. With beautiful views of the Red Rock Desert Gorge, this is the 10th highest bridge jump in the United States. While Bungee Expeditions jumps here regularly, they are based out of Boise, Idaho and have access to dozens of bridge jumps around the US. They even offer a road trip adventure pack that include 5-6 different bridge jumps across the US for just under $1200. A must try for regular jumpers!

What cool spots have you jumped before that you would add?

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