Using The Romance Of The Beach To Your Advantage

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Some environments are inherently romantic.

In pop culture, the places actors go to vacation or stay as couples are frequently one of two extremes; warm, secluded cabins in snowy white mountains or ultra hot beaches on islands miles away from civilization. We very rarely see our rom-com protagonists travel to the big city for a fairytale vacation.

It’s almost comical how set up the beach is for romantic encounters. The soft crackle of wood at a night time bonfire; a sunset walk where the surf hits the sand; board shorts and bikinis.

There’s no place more relaxing, warm and open than the coast to start or rekindle romance.

1.) There’s no need for clothing.

There's no denying that the more comfortable we are on a physical level, the more at ease we are in social situations.

Clothing is used by many people as an art form; a way to silently communicate who we are to the people around us prior to saying a word. In a beach setting, save for a range of color and embellishment options, there really isn’t too much room for fashion-driven social cues. This forces us to communicate explicitly and vocally, making the beach a great environment for the development of new relationships as well as the fostering of pre-existing ones.

2.) Relaxation and leisure come easy, putting your stress on hold.

According to the American Psychological Association,

“Sedentary behaviors like listening to music, reading, or watching television or movies for more than two hours per day continue to be popular strategies for managing stress.”

These same strategies are behaviors that define the norm for beach-goers, meaning de-stressing is built into beach living. Less stress means more opportunity to bond with others, as we’re not distracted by the deadlines, finances and responsibilities that tend to haunt our thoughts.

3.) Activity & endorphins are almost inevitable.

Not only is the beach amazing for relaxing and recharging; it offers endless opportunities to get your blood pumping with endorphin-releasing activities. Surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, biking and walking are all great ways to trick your body into getting exercise without feeling like you're putting in the effort of a full on work out. Get your body moving on the beach and enjoy benefits including reduced perception of pain, increased self-esteem and higher energy levels - all great accessories for romance and fun at the beach!

4.) The sun makes us happy from the inside out.

Everyone feels better under the sun, and there’s a solid reason - endorphins are also created as the result of exposure to sunlight.

A recent study on the effect of ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) on mice indicated that the rodents development an actual physical dependence akin to addiction. In other words, the mice became so acclimated to the feeling they got under the rays that they actually needed them to maintain normal behavior and happiness.

The next time you are in need of re-sparking romance or meeting someone new, consider taking advantage of the natural intrigue and passion that the surf and sand has to offer.

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