Fiberglass Paddle Board Paddles

After you've picked the right SUP board, the sup paddle is your next purchase decision. There is a wide range of pricing in the SUP paddle world. In the economy pricing range, you’ll usually find sup paddles made of aluminum or fiberglass shafts, and fiberglass blades (and sometimes plastic SUP paddle blades). Usually you’re trading off price in exchange for a slightly heavier paddle, but often times this also means you are getting a more bulletproof paddle. Don't always equate economy SUP paddles with low quality, they are better described as the most practical. While not an absolute rule, some of the lightest highest end carbon fiber stand up paddles are also the most susceptible to damage – sometimes they put all the emphasis on being the lowest weight, and turn a blind eye to durability in the real world of stand up paddle boarding where nicks and dings are a reality. Most of the carbon fiber stand up paddles we recommend strike a balance. The economy SUP paddles we recommend are durable AND a great deal!

Price: $99.00
Price: $55.00