Inflatable Backpack for iSUPs

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Inflatable Backpack for iSUPs

62 review(s)

Inflatable Backpack for iSUPs

This inflatable paddle board backpack allows your to bring your iSUP wherever your adventures go. Our iSUP board bag is sized to fit our Tower Adventurer 9'10", Adventurer 2 10'4" and the iRace 12'6" inflatable stand up paddle boards when deflated. Bring your iSUP backpack as a carry-on on your next flight or strap it on your back for the next waterfall hike, this backpack allows you to paddle board anywhere. Great for suping on the go!

iSUP Backpack Features:

  • Breathable mesh material for optimal drying
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Can fit your iSUP, hand pump, and paddle
  • Bungee cords on the outside of bag to carry additional items

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Inflatable Backpack - Tower iSUP Backpack

This is an inflatable backpack for iSUPs bag sized to fit the Tower Adventurer 9'10", Adventurer 2 10'4" and the iRace 12'6" when deflated (it can also fit the 14' Xplorer, but it is very tight and not ideal). This paddle board bag is a huge solution for the everyday iSUP user who needs to transport his/her bag from one location to another. You can fit the board, paddle and pump all in one place. The top of the bag velcros shut and folds to snap together. There are backpack straps on the back for easy carrying and bungees on the front to carry any additional accessories like a beach towel. This iSUP backpack is just one of our many paddle board accessories that will make your paddle board adventures awesome. 

For anyone that wants to travel with their inflatable paddle board, owning an inflatable backpack is imperative. This iSUP backpack allows you to easily take your iSUP on a plane to take on all of your extravagant adventures. One of the great advantages of inflatable stand up paddle boards over wooden paddle boards is that they can be rolled up for easy transport and storage. If you own an inflatable paddleboard, this inflatable backpack is a must have iSUP accessory. 

Our customers love the inflatable backpack. Charlie, from Ontario, wrote about the iSUP backpack, "They hold everything inside, are super easy to grab and go with your board, and are really durable." If you ever plan on taking your inflatable paddle board on a hike to a river or lake or simply want an easy way to transport it in your car, the iSUP backpack is perfect for you. 

Traveling with your iSUP

Traveling with your iSUP has never been easier due to our backpack for inflatable paddle boards. Before inflatable SUPs were invented it was very difficult to bring your paddle board on long distance journeys. It required strapping your wooden paddle board on the top of your car for a road trip. If you were flying on a plane to your destination it was basically impossible to bring your paddle board with you. Now, with our inflatable SUPs, taking your stand up paddle board anywhere is easy. Our iSUPs roll up to about the size of a large sleeping bag making them easy to store and transport. If you own one of our Adventure 1 or Adventure 2 boards they can even be brought on carry on on the plane so you don't have to o through the hassle of checking a bag. 

Camping with your Inflatable Paddle Board

Due to the versatility and portability of an inflatable paddleboard, camping has never been more fun. Pack your iSUP in the car, bring whatever other camping gear you need and you are ready for an adventure packed camping trip. If you plan on hiking to a body of water to use your iSUP, this inflatble backpack for iSUPs is imperative. It makes carrying your iSUP on your hike so much easier. It fits like a normal backpack and is comfortable too. 

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62 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 62 Reviews:

Fixed their mistake and then some!

Review by: from Boise on 9/11/2020
I finally ordered a SUP bag for my Tower SUP (which I've had for 3-4 years and love) and they sent me an Oar by mistake! Oops. Well, to fix it, they sent my bag quickly and told me to keep the oar for the inconvenience. Mistakes happen, but great customer service is intentional. They made it right and then some, and that's all I can ask.

I am Tower SUP fanatic

Review by: from Tucson on 6/30/2020
Having newly arrived to this past time, I don't have any experience to compare my two new Tower Adventurer paddle boards to. But as someone brand new to this hobby, I can say with confidence that Tower SUPs are low-commitment water craft that are easy enough for me to take my 4 year-old, dog and some gear out for a day trip on the water and not need anyone's help hauling, inflating, or maneuvering. It's great to have a fun, active way to take my family out on the water and get outdoors and so far the Tower Adventurer has been perfect for that.


Review by: from Boise, ID on 12/24/2019
Packed up SUP, paddle, pump, teve's, 2 sets fins, yoga mat and headed to Mex for vacation. Pack was comfortable, great sealing capabilities with Velcro and buckel. Checked the bag with ease. It was bomber, no accidental opening or items falling out like our other drawstring SUP backpack. I'd even entertain packing it a few miles to a lake now that I have a c9mfy pack. Thx Tower!

Isup tower paddleboard backpack

Review by: from on 9/20/2019
Service was very prompt, the backpack works so much better then hauling it in pieces. Keeps everything contained.

Great product!

Review by: from Hudson, WI on 8/24/2018
Used this to carry my new inflatable board. It holds not only the board, but also the handle and pump. Highly recommend!!

Must have worth it!

Review by: from Pittsburgh, PA on 8/18/2018
We are not a season paddle area in Pittsburgh. This bag helps store and allows boats to breathe over winter. Easy to carry board.

Best backpac for your SUP

Review by: from London Ontario on 7/30/2018
We received these two packs. They hold everything inside, are super easy to grab and go with your board, and are really durable.

Amazing for short distances

Review by: from Selah, WA on 7/2/2018
I can get my Adventurer 2, pump, and paddle in the bag fairly easily. I've also added overnight essentials for a backpacking trip. The only downfall is not having the option for a hip belt. Would be extremely nice for those longer hikes instead of reaching my hands back and trying to support the weight on my back that way.

Perfect fit

Review by: from Reno on 5/6/2018
Though the website states the 14’ Xplorer inflatable is not recommended, we purchased anyways and found a great fit. As long as you are able to deflate and roll the board on a solid surface, this bag fit the board, pump, and fin.
Great bag!


Review by: from on 10/20/2017
Easy to walk with and fits everything

Great for short treks!

Review by: from on 10/12/2017
This bag is perfect for a short trek from the car to the beach, but the weight of the board is too much for a hike longer than a half mile into a remote destination. The bag could be improved with some hip support to balance the not insignificant weight of the board. A few additional pouches to store other gear, a water bottle, etc would be great for long carries. Overall, great to haul the board short distances.

Perfect Board ever

Review by: from on 10/9/2017
Order 2 boards to Cyprus. Tryied them,THEY ARE the best boards ever. But hade 2 problems - custom tax in Cyprus:( to expensive(another 500eur) and you leave our conversation on top of the box(hope next time you will put it inside other people dont need to know what we are talking about). BUT QUALITY OF BOARDS ARE AMAZING. HOPE THEY WILL STAY IN THIS CONDITION LONG TIME. Thank you so much!!!

iSUP backpack

Review by: from on 9/29/2017
I love the looks of this simple bag, however it is not large enough for my Adventure 2. Dont get me wrong, it all fits but is a pain to get the pump in there. Also it could be a little longer so you could roll the top before buckling.

Bag works well

Review by: from on 8/17/2017
I like that the bag has a separate packet for the fin. I really just use the bag to put in all the accessories like the hand pump, my lifejacket, the paddle and fin. Sturdy bag.

Great Purchase!

Review by: from on 8/14/2017
The bags are great and wonderful to travel with! I am glad we purchased them.

Love the bag

Review by: from on 8/14/2017
Very happy with the backpack bag

Back pack bag

Review by: from on 8/8/2017
Great accessory to have, tons of room and makes transporting my board that much easier.

SUP backpack carry bag

Review by: from on 8/1/2017
Maybe a bit more compartmental with better space for pump and paddle


Review by: from on 6/30/2017
I use this on lakes and rivers have never had an issue. Great product and great customer service. Thank you!

Great Experience

Review by: from on 6/27/2017
Ordered my paddleboard online and decided to add a few pieces afterwards. They were extremely helpful in getting the order together and shipped out quickly in one box. Took it out on a nearby lake a few times and it is an awesome product. Great quality and nothing local was even close in price. Highly recommend!