Yachtsman by Tower iSUP Package - 10'4"

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Yachtsman by Tower iSUP Package - 10'4"

18 review(s)

Paddle board in style with the Yachtsman iSUP Package from Tower, the brand with the #1 rated SUP by Robb Report!

Designed to compliment even the finest boats, the Yachtsman is one of the world's finest inflatable paddle boards. The grooved wood deck inspired deck pad matched with the traditional blue and white colors popular among boating enthusiasts, means this iSUP will look right at home tied up to even the finest yachts in the world.

2-Year Warranty on iSUPs (does not apply to included accessories). If you already have a paddle and/or pump, you can buy one of the top inflatable paddle boards by itself here

This "Top Shelf" iSUP package includes a high-pressure hand pump and an adjustable 3 piece Fiberglass paddle.

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Introducing the Yachtsman by Tower, a Premium Inflatable SUP

The Yachtsman inflatable paddle board by Tower is a beautiful addition to the Tower line-up. Designed to compliment even the finest boats, the Yachtsman is one of the world's finest inflatable paddle boards. The grooved wood deck inspired deck pad matched with the traditional blue and white colors popular among boating enthusiasts, means this iSUP will look right at home tied up to even the finest yachts in the world.

This full package includes a 10'4" by 32" by 6" premium inflatable SUP, a high-pressure hand pump, a Tower branded 3-piece adjustable Fiberglass paddle, a high-end Tower branded deck pad that emulates the signature teak wood strip look high-end yachts, a 2+1 fin configuration with a removable center fin, a hand hold strap, a roll-up carrying strap, an extra handle in the front and back, and a leash attachment ring on the tail.

A Giant Leap forward in Inflatable SUP Design

Frankly, virtually all 4" inflatable SUPs (which is pretty much all inflatable SUPs on the market) leave a lot to be desired. That's putting it nicely. They sag in the middle and ride low in the water so you end up standing in a puddle of cold water, which is miserable. The sagging and undulating ride also slows you down. The 6" thick, military grade Yachtsman by Tower Inflatable SUP is dramatically more rigid, plus it floats higher in the water so no wet feet. But this is only one of many advances that set the Yachtsman by Tower Inflatable SUP apart from the competition.

Amazing Rigidity

The Yachtsman inflatable paddle board is made from extremely rugged materials like those you would find on the highly regarded Zodiac boats and extreme river rafts. The amazing rigidity in the Yachtsman is created by thousands of vertically oriented strands of identical length that connect the top deck to the bottom. When inflated, they form a structure that has the rigidity of a piece of plywood, and the thicker you go the exponentially more rigid it gets.

You'll be amazed. We can literally put the front tip of the 10'4" x 6" Yachtsman on one chair and the rear tip on another chair and a 200 lb person can stand in the middle and you can barely see the thing flex. Do this with most 4" inflatable SUPs and they will taco almost to the floor. Even 3/4" plywood flooring would probably break over this almost 10' span.

A Viable EPS/Epoxy Board Alternative - We're not kidding!

Traditionally, inflatable SUPs were only a consideration for traveling - store one in the cuddy cabin on your yacht, take it with you on the plane, or haul it into that secret mountain lake or river and you can stand up paddle board in the farthest corners of the earth. With the rigidity of the Yachtsman by Tower, an inflatable SUP is now also a viable EPS/Epoxy board alternative for anyone who isn't a die-hard surfer. And it still enjoys all the storage and transportation advantages because it's an inflatable paddle board.

Benefits of an Inflatable SUP over an EPS/Epoxy board

- Easier to store - When rolled up, it's 1 foot in diameter and 33" wide.

- Indestructible - Never worry again about dings and board cracks. I've literally thrown these things off a 2nd story deck and I frequently set it down anywhere (gravel, a parking lot, even on cement stairs).

- Easier to transport - No need for roof racks. About the size of a rolled sleeping bag, it easily fits in any car or boat, can be checked on a plane, and can even be strapped onto a bicycle or motorcycle.

- Softer - You can literally play bumper boats with these. Kids can jump from one board to the other like they're jumping on an inner tube. You won't get knocked out in the waves either.

- Easy on the feet - While very rigid, the air does cushion your feet a lot more than a hard board, no matter how good the deck pad is.

Approved by Stephan Aarstol


Weight: 26 lbs

Dimensions: 10'4" length by 32 width by 6 thickness

Volume: Unknown exactly, but probably 300 Liters plus

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs

Nose Rocker: 4 inches

Tail Rocker: No tail rocker

Fin Configuration: 2+1 plastic fins, with large detachable center fin.

Onboard Accessories: Carrying handle, front towing d-ring, rear surf leash d-ring

Included External Accessories: Includes a Fiberglass 3-pc paddle, a detachable SUP center fin, a high-pressure hand pump, and a branded deck pad with the look of a high-end boat's signature teak wood strips. The repair kit comes with patches and valve wrench (glue is to be sourced locally).

Construction: High-pressure inflatable (Tested safe to 25 PSI, but only 10-11 PSI is necessary for optimal performance)

18 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 18 Reviews:

Great purchase experience & first use

Review by: from on 11/1/2020
Was a great purchase experience & first use. Smells a little bit. The power pump would have been nice.


Review by: from State College PA on 9/7/2020
just got to try out my iSup for the first time on keuka lake in NY and it was amazing. super easy to inflate and so stable! thinking about buying another so my husband and I can each have one!

Wish summer was longer in Michigan!!

Review by: from Frankenmuth Michigan on 9/7/2020
These yachtsman boards are great! We rented SUPs in Hawaii a couple years ago that did not quite instill the confidence that these do. I'm very happy to say these boards do make me want to get out on the water over and over again. Thanks for the great product!

Tower Fan!!!

Review by: from 81301-4508 on 10/20/2019
I have personally purchased 6 Tower boards and have referred so many people to Tower who have also purchased their boards and love them. The quality of this board and the flexibility it gives us by being an inflatable is such a plus. Our boards have floated on the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, as well as the lakes and rivers near our home on Colorado. I also really appreciate the customer service of this company. I am definitely a Tower Fan!!!

My favorite new activity

Review by: from 85132 on 9/20/2019
I had the opportunity to rent an inexpensive SUP in Costa Rica. It was a hard board made of similar material to that of a kayak purchased from a big chain of discount general stores. It was fun, but I knew that I wanted a better quality unit when it came to buying one. I researched low to mid-range boards in the $300-$800 range and Tower was one of the names that kept coming up as a top performer in the mid-range class. The direct to consumer business model is appealing. The fact that they also make surf boards, skate boards and other beach equipment, told me that they know the type of equipment that they make and they seem like they are boarders themselves! This made the decision easy. Get a Tower board! Then I had to choose a model. The Adventurer 2 kept calling to me, but then I saw the "Yachtsman" and was hooked! Great look, but essentially an "Adventurer 2" in Yachtsman clothing. It was perfect!

My first time out was a little shaky as it was only my second time on a board. Pumping it up was a little tougher than anticipated, but very doable in the parking lot. The paddle is very high quality with a bit of a directional design that seems counterintuitive. I may change paddles one day, but for now the one it came with is plenty good. The removable center fin secures nicely to the board and I am confident that it will stay in place.

Once underway, the board feels stable and keeps my 210lb body high and dry. It was a little less stable than I expected it to be, but it is likely my inexperience and not the board. Glides nicely and tracks straight.

Very well constructed. Seems very durable and I have full confidence that it will last me a very long time.

Would be nice if it came with a bag, but at the sale price that I paid, I am not complaining.

All in all I highly reccomend doing business with Tower! Fast shipping, great product... What more could you want?


Review by: from Canada on 9/3/2019
Amazing board! Managed to fit myself and my two two kids on. Inflates easy and stores great.

Yachtsman iSUP

Review by: from Sacramento on 8/8/2019
Love my board, excellent quality, I looked at different boards for 6 months and choose this one, plus it was discounted excellent price with nice paddle.

Yachtsman iSUP

Review by: from Rhinelander, WI on 6/24/2019
After doing lots of research on paddleboards in general, I recently ordered the Yachtsman iSUP. I was a bit hesitant about purchasing an inflatable, but honestly could not be happier with my decision. First, my paddleboard was shipped on the same day that I placed the order and it arrived quickly (I live in Wisconsin). It was super easy to inflate and is so much lighter to move around than the solid paddleboards I have tried. It is stable in the water, and forgiving on my knees while getting on and off. The colors and design are super cool and attractive. Tower also tucked a gift in the box - a book about the benefits of 5 hour work days - which I plan to read and then leave on my boss' desk :-). Not sure if Tower always includes a gift with orders, but it was a nice surprise. I would definitely recommend Tower as a company to anyone looking for paddleboards and would definitely recommend the Yachtsman board as well. Thanks Tower!

Love this board

Review by: from Westminster, CO on 6/14/2019
Extremely happy with this purchase and price. Started at 11lbs went to 13lbs and it's nice and stable for this old guy. I love the way it looks like a small Yacht. Could use a couple extra hooks with out me having to add them myself. Overall I'm enjoying being out doors on the water. Can't wait to take it to Hawaii' soon.


Review by: from on 5/27/2019
I am very much a beginner, and I was recommended Tower’s iSUPs. I am so glad I went with this product! It’s easy to inflate, transport and learn how to use!! I LOVE my paddle board, and the customer service team at Tower is STELLAR!


Review by: from Biarritz / France on 5/11/2019
Yachtsman Paddle received and good online assitance form the team but the pressure gauge on the air pump received is faulty and does not indicates any pressure .. any solution from your end to get this resolved to avoid a replacment additional purchase ?

Mr. Jeff Harris

Review by: from Sedona. AZ on 4/14/2019
I bought the Adventurer II Yachtsman edition. It’s awesome, very stiff and fast. I like the design and feel of the board. Curious as to why the decals don’t line up centered. That’s just a cosmetic flaw. Maybe I’m the only one to notice. Otherwise, great value and performance.

Great Board

Review by: from Victoria, BC, Canada on 8/29/2018
This is my first SUP. The great reviews persuaded me to get one of my own, and so far I've loved it! I've taken it out in calm bays and in small waves and it's worked wonderfully. Can't wait to get out with it more!

The perfect Board!

Review by: from Pennsylvania on 7/17/2018
I love this board! I get so many compliments on the style as the wood deck pad really gives it a classy look. The convenience of being able to inflate this board in a matter of minutes and then deflating it, and rolling it back up is simply amazing. I couldn't ask for a more rigid or comfortable board to paddle on. Thanks Tower!

Great Board

Review by: from Michigan on 6/15/2018
I decided to buy this board because it's inflatable (great for small spaces). It's super easy to inflate, if you enjoy an upper body work out! The board is super steady, it did take me a few falls in the water to find my "sea legs," but that's OK. The board came from CA to MI within a week! Also, I have used hard SUP boards and have fallen directly on them (tons of pain) fell directly on this one, no pain, bounced off (genuinely wish I had a video of that)! Anyways, buy this board, not only is it beautiful and immaculately constructed, it's completely worth the price!!

Amazing staff and products

Review by: from Phoenix AZ on 6/1/2018
I can't say enough about Tower Boards! Great Staff and the boards are amazing. Worked with Jen Reyes in customer service, she is what customer service is all about. Thank you Tower Boards!

Just ordered the 10.4 Yachtsman

Review by: from Nj on 4/28/2018
Will keep you informed. Start out with a 5 Star while waiting to receive it.

A Classic!

Review by: from on 2/27/2018
Love this Yachtsman board! The wooden look of the deck pad makes it look super chic and it's extremely comfortable on the feet when paddling out for a while. I also love that it is inflatable and how compact it is when deflated, made it really easy to bring along on all my travels!