SUP Fins

To learn more about which paddle board fin replacement is appropriate to buy for your inflatable paddle board, see our ISUP fin replacement page.

SUP fins provide stability and traction to your stand-up paddle board. Fins aid in steering and paddling in a straight direction, which allow you to stand-up paddle surf without spinning out when you turn. More fins in the water equal more traction and grip. We highly recommended that every new board should have at least one SUP board fin installed while in use.

While the pros and cons of SUP fin configuration are up for debate, it’s pretty well agreed upon that a single 8-to-10-inch-long stand-up paddle racing fin is best for flat-water cruising, and a 2+1 or three-fin setup (which is a 6-to-8-inch center fin flanked by two smaller side fins) is best for stand-up paddle board wave surfing. When surfing, you really always want at least one rail and one of your SUP fins to be in the water to get better traction and more glide. When you place a paddle board fin replacement in a 2+1 setup, you will always have at least one fin in the water, providing traction while you are surfing even on the rails of the board and ensuring that your board doesn’t “slip out” and lose traction on the wave. The 2+1 setup is great because it has that strong center back fin as a pivot point for the board, making it easier to turn on waves, but still provides enough traction for wave riding with the two side fins.