Electric Paddle Board Pump

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Electric Pump for Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Electric Pump for Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Electric Paddle Board Pump - ACC-INF-ELCPUMP
  • High Pressure Electric Pump
  • inflatable paddle board electric pump hose
  • electric pump H3 nozzle for inflatable paddle board
  • Electric Pump 12-V cigarette lighter adaptor
  • 12-V cigarette lighter plug-in for electric pump

Electric Paddle Board Pump

76 review(s)

A portable, high-pressure, electric pump for inflating stand up paddle boards.

The electric pump includes:

  • An 12-V cigarette lighter plug-in, or optional 12-V battery cables.
  • A "set it and forget it" PSI gauge - pump shuts off when it hits your target PSI (We recommend 10-15 PSI. Tip: Inflate with engine running for shorter inflate time).

A flexible, non-kinking hose with Halkey Roberts H3 nozzle.

We have a 30 day return policy for SUP accessories.


Introducing the Tower electric paddle board pump

Electric paddle board pump for inflatable SUP that conveniently plugs into a 12-V cigarette lighter or a car battery. Most electric paddle board pumps on the market only have a car battery attachment. We have tested a number of electric pumps and finally found not only the most affordable, but the most convenient option.

The handy "set it and forget it" PSI gauge allows you to hook the pump to your board, set the PSI, turn it on and just let it do its thing. The pump will automatically shut off when the board reaches the desired inflation level (we recommend 10-15 PSI for our inflatables). Tower inflatable boards have a max PSI of about 25. This electric pump can reach up to 20 PSI--so there is no way to over-inflate and damage your board with this pump!

Another major bonus is the inflate and deflate option. Inflation of our boards is about half the time with a hand pump: inflate the 9'10" Tower Adventurer and 14' Tower Xplorer at about 1 PSI/minute. Deflate mode will allow you to quickly remove the air from your board so you can roll it up much more compact at the end of the day!

Included in your purchase:

  • Halkey Roberts H3 nozzle on pump hose
  • Cables for attaching pump to either the car cigarette lighter or battery
  • Pump base with inflate/deflate mode (Inflate:1 PSI/minute, Deflate: 4 min)
  • Built in gauge with ability to set desired PSI level (up to 20 PSI)

TIP: Inflate with your engine running to shorten the inflate time.

NOTE: This pump is not applicable to normal wear and tear, or to damage sustained due to neglect, lack of maintenance, misuse, improper storage. This pump shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to person or property or for incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages arising from the use of the pumps. There is a 1-year manufacturing warranty on our electric pumps. 


  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Pump Dimensions: 7" height by 12" long by 4.5" wide
  • Hose Length: 54"
  • Plug-in cord length:10'
  • Maximum Inflation Rating: 20 PSI
  • Inflate Time: 1 PSI/minute
  • Deflate Time: About 4 minutes


  • H3 nozzle on pump hose
  • Cord for attaching pump to either the car cigarette lighter or battery
  • Pump base with inflate/deflate mode (Inflate: 1 PSI/minute, Deflate: 4 min)
  • Built in gauge with ability to set desired PSI level (up to 20 PSI)

Inflate with your engine running to shorten the inflate time

76 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 76 Reviews:


Review by: from Florida on 12/24/2020
I am extremely pleased with the customer service from this company.

SUP Electric Pump

Review by: from San Diego on 9/17/2020
Made my life so much easier. I deflate our SUPS each time we head home from our marina for easier storage. To refill our SUPS, set it and forget it!

Why did I wait so long?!?

Review by: from Higganum on 9/11/2020
Finally bought an electric pump for my SUP after 5 years. OMG! So much easier and nicer. Started inflating the board while I unpacked PFDs, sunscreen, paddle, etc. When I was done getting everything ready I ended up waiting about a minute for the board to be at the correct pressure. Just fantastic! Started paddling without being tired from pumping. Even better!


Review by: from S. Windsor, CT on 9/10/2020
Just received. So far so good.

Paddle Board pump

Review by: from Lake Country B.C. on 9/10/2020
Love this pump! This compact unit makes inflating and deflating so easy! A tad noisy, however don’t let that stop you from having one for your board!

So far an excellent purchase

Review by: from Colorado on 9/10/2020
I had read reviews that said this took a long time to inflate your SUP but I didn’t find that at all. Compact unit, easy to use and deflate function helped make things quicker to pack down. Definitely recommend for your Tower SUP.

Expensive, But Worth It

Review by: from Boise on 7/12/2020
1st Time Using It Today and I Love It. I Just Wish It Was Cheaper

Saves your arms

Review by: from Northern wisconsi on 6/12/2020
Its not much faster then the bicyle style pump...and I'm fat and not in shape at all. What it does do is save one all that endless pogostick like work, saving arms n shoulders to do more paddling. You know the FUN stuff. Definitely leave your car running while using though, its a battery drainer otherwise. A good buy if you have an isup.

Tower paddle board & electric pump

Review by: from Sebring, FL on 1/6/2020
We have had our tower paddle boards for several years, they are awesome.. recently purchased the electric pump which isn't as powerful as our other pump but it gets the job done. I like the gauge shows psi so you know pressure. Inflates boards very solid.

Powerful air pump

Review by: from North Bend Oregon on 7/18/2019
I am so happy to not have to pump up my standup paddle board by hand! The air pump is awesome stops are the desired psi no questions about it would highly recommend it to anyone! That is how I found out about it! Thanks Tower for the awesome gear.


Review by: from 55438 on 7/1/2019
Able to inflate in 8 minutes. Very easy to use. Before purchasing, I looked at other products that were less expensive but had terrible reviews. Just wish this product was less expensive.

It works,barely!

Review by: from Westminster, CO on 6/14/2019
This pump does work. But it's very loud and the needle for the pressure gauge just flickers back forth. But when you set the desired pressure it does shut off and do what's it supposed too. Takes about about the same time as the hand pump just not as much workout preSUP. If I was Mark Cuban I'd have lil more pride in my products. Just one old man's opinion . T

Electric Pump - Convenience

Review by: from Dayton, Ohio on 4/9/2019
I am a 62 year old woman and I wanted to get on the water fast. We plug into our 9V and let the SUP inflate while we remove my husband's kayak and get our gear set up. It is the perfect convenience for me.

Electric pump

Review by: from Loomis ca on 8/30/2018
Simple and easy to use. Just set it at the pressure you want and turn it on. It shuts off at predetermined you set. Paddle board is ready to go!
No more hand pumping

Electric SUP pump

Review by: from Wenatchee WA on 8/18/2018
I was very happy with the pump. I don't have a tower board and at first the valve didn't fit. Fortunately I had an adapter (just a little o-ring) and that made it work perfectly. My only suggestion would be to include an adapter so the pump works with other brands of boards. Not coming with an adapter is the ONLY reason I give 4 stars. The pump is awesome.

Love it!💜💜💜💜💜💜

Review by: from New Mexico on 8/17/2018
People, if you buy an inflatable, you NEED this! I hand pumped my board for one season. This does it in five minutes while you watch!

Tower Paddleboard Pump

Review by: from Phoenix, AZ on 8/10/2018
I started with a Tower pump when I first purchased my boards over a year ago and a half ago. I have four and used them often all at the same time using one pump. It was quite the trustey pump for over a year before the use of pumping all 4 boards on a regular basis took it’s toll on it. For some silly reason I decided to try some different pumps (four others to be exact) and returned to purchase another Tower pump recognizing it out performed all the rest. And though my previous pump eventually fail, and in defense of the pump, I live in Arizona so it was cycling through triple digit temperatures through the pump with every board. Something had to give eventually but it was still the best pump of five I tried.


Review by: from Colter Bay Grand Teton National Park on 7/10/2018
We use Tower paddle boards with students on our trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. This pump saved us much work and time when inflating multiple boards. We love it.

Absolute necessity

Review by: from NH on 6/28/2018
The whole reason for an inflatable board is convenience. Granted I have never inflated by board with the hand pump, but I guarantee this is faster ! This pump inflates quickly, and automatically shuts off when it it filled to the PSI you have set (I usually have my board at 11)

This pump also has a deflate option, but I honestly never use it. The board very easily deflates when you roll it up for storage. Worth the investment if you have an inflatable board period, you will not regret this purchase !

It works!

Review by: from Destin, Fl on 6/15/2018
Just tried the Tower Electric Pump for the first time. I found the hook up very easy and the direct power clips for the boat battery worked well. You need to be patient for the PSI meter to start showing results of the amount of PSI ..I am satisfied with my first time experience.