Paddle Board Car Rack Tie Downs

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SUP Tie Down Straps by FCS
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Paddle Board Car Rack Tie Downs

2 review(s)

Paddle Board Car Rack Tie Downs

  • Simply the strongest, most reliable way to secure your boards.
  • No moving parts means no chance of mechanical failure.
  • 2 x 4 meter tie downs
  • Thick, 32mm webbing
  • Unbreakable metal buckles
  • Integrated webbing winder

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Paddle Board Car Rack

Paddle Board Car Rack Tie Down Straps by FCS

From a leader in surf accessories, FCS brings you these well designed and economical SUP tie down straps. The heavy-duty straps are made from 32mm nylon webbing. They make it extremely easy to tie down your surfboards or stand up paddleboards. If you are looking for a more economical way to secure your boards, this is it. Compared to our paddle board roof rack, this option is less than half the price and will do a good job of keeping our boards secure. Our paddle board roof rack provides the extra cushion in between the boards and the car so that neither gets damaged. 

Designed to secure one or two SUPs, each SUP tie down strap is 400cm long (that's a little over 13 feet). One of the nicest design elements of these straps is the neoprene protection sleeve that encases the metal cam lock system. This helps ensure you don't scratch the paint on your car nor accidentally dent your SUP. With thick, 32mm webbing and unbreakable metal buckles your boards are going to be secure during the car ride. 

If you own one of our inflatable paddle boards, you do not need to tie them to the top of your car. Although you can, the inflatable SUPs were made so that people could deflate them to easily transport them to wherever they are going. Because they can roll up to the size of a large sleeping bag it makes them incredibly easy to put in the back seat or trunk and then blow up when your at your destination. Paddle board car racks become obsolete with an inflatable paddle board. However, if you own surfboards or standard paddle boards these tie down straps are very handy. 

These tie down straps can fit on almost any type of car. They simply tie around the roof of your car and attach inside the car. Once you have the boards secured you can close the doors on the straps and you're set to drive!

2 review(s)

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11'5" Social XL SUP

Review by: from on 6/25/2016
Quality product delivered with exceptional service! Will gladly do business with again!!

Great straps.

Review by: from on 6/27/2012
Easy to use and love the self-storage concept that they have.