SUP Rack Softrack for Cars

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Double Soft Racks by FCS
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SUP Rack Softrack for Cars

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2 soft square pads that come with straps to safely and securely strap down your paddleboard to your roof. Straps have a strong metal locking component to ensure boards do not fly off.

Compatible with cars, vans, or 4WDs that have a flat roof. Holds 1-6 short boards or 1-4 longboards (2 stacks of 2).

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Sup rack

Transporting classic paddle boards is a difficult task, especially if you don't live within walking distance to the ocean. Classic paddle boards typically will not fit in cars, leaving boarders having to strap them to the top of their vehicles. To prevent any dings and to ensure they are secure when traveling we recommend using a sup roof rack.

Surf shops sell roof racks for over $60. We at Tower are committed to offering you quality products at a low direct to consumer paddle board price.

FCS surf rack

From a leader in surf accessories, FCS brings you these well designed and economical double soft racks that will fit any car or truck that is lacking a traditional hard rack system. They'll conform to the roof of your car or truck and are secured thru the doorways, which means you can take them on and off at will.

Designed to secure one or two surfboards, these square, non-rolling soft rack surf pads provide ample padding and the protection needed to fix your boards securely to the roof of any car or truck. The integrated straps are made of heavy duty 32mm webbing.

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