SUP Roof Rack Single Softracks

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SUP Single Soft Racks by FCS
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SUP Roof Rack Single Softracks

5 review(s)

Compatible with cars, vans, and 4WDs that have a flat roof.  Holds 1-2 SUP boards stacked on top of eachother.

This pad is square shaped and non-rolling. A heavy duty 32mm webbing and tough metal locking components make this rack safer and stronger than most sup roof racks on the market.


Sup roof rack

Not all of us have trucks, and to get to water, we're gonna need a way to strap our paddle boards to our car. Luckily we have you covered with our single soft pad sup roof rack from FCS. This package includes 1 single pad and strapping cords that are capable of storing 2 paddle boards onto the roof of your vehicle. 

This pad is extremely soft and will caress your board while it is in transit, ensuring it does not get any scratches or fly off. Perfect transporting any of our classic sup boards.

Single SUP rack pad by FCS

From a leader in surf accessories, FCS brings you these well designed and economical single SUP soft racks that will fit any car or truck that is lacking a traditional hard rack system. They'll conform to the roof of your car or truck and are secured thru the doorways, which means you can take them on and off at will.

Designed to secure one or two SUPs (stacked vertically), these square, non-rolling soft rack SUP pads provide ample padding and the protection needed to fix your boards securely to the roof of any car or truck. The integrated straps are made of heavy duty 33mm webbing.

5 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

Single Soft Rack

Review by: from on 9/10/2016
For what they are, they work great and they are high quality. They tie inside the car. I have a truck with roof rack rails and I thought I could tie them around the rails instead of going through the car but it doesn't seem possible. I may be returning, but for that reason only.


Review by: from on 4/26/2016
Great service, super fast shipping... absolutely use again.

Soft Rack

Review by: from on 8/13/2013
Perfect solution. Easy to put racks on car and easy to take off. Can easily tie down 2-3 boards. Straps do not loosen up even on bumpy roads.

roof rack

Review by: from on 8/1/2013
Light weight, easy to set up and take down. Perfect.

Great Soft Rack

Review by: from on 8/13/2012
Easy to get on the car and take off - sturdy and keeps my board in place!