Tower Stand Up Paddle Boards

Introducing our classic line of hardtop Tower stand up paddle boards. Finished with a glossy clear, outer layer, these molded sandwich-construction paddle boards are a lot stronger than boards made with traditional fiberglass layup construction. What makes these stand up paddle boards stand out from the rest of the competition is their classic wooden paddle style and superior shape and design.

At Tower, our wooden classic stand up paddle boards have a larger rocker than your typical SUP, making it easier to maneuver in choppy waves and surf. We also make our boards thicker than traditional paddle boards so they can better accommodate beginners and larger riders. The increased volume allows our board to remain more stable and float higher on the water, therefore becoming less tippy. The wooden classic stand up paddle boards are remarkably lightweight for their size, and can effortlessly glide 350+ lb riders.

Price: $849.00
Price: $899.00