Classic Stand Up Paddle Boards

The Tower SUP line of Stand Up Paddle Boards are fitness and beach oriented with a hint of Southern California style. Because of our direct to consumer business model, we are able to save you $500 to over $1000 on paddle boards. Our classic deal at a price point of only $499 is one of the best deals you will find worldwide on a paddle boards. Our stylish blue carbon cross-link boards are truly affordable luxury - they are among the nicest boards you can find, and if you shop around you'll see that ours save you upwards of $1000.

Stand up paddling is the perfect full body workout for those drawn to an active outdoor lifestyle. These boards were designed with that in mind, and designed to get people from all over spending more time on the water. Get ready for a hobby that’s going to tone and trim your body into beach shape while you’re simply having a blast with your friends.

Price: $399.00
Price: $799.00
Price: $749.00