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Paddleboard Bags

Keep your SUP looking sweet and transport it with ease using our stylish, direct-to-consumer paddleboard bags.

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Matching Your Quality Paddle Board With a Quality Way to Transport It

To go along with our high quality selection of paddle boards, we also sell paddleboard bags that will help you properly store and transport your SUP board. Whether you own one of our iSUP boards or a classic stand up paddle board, these paddleboard bags will help you solve your SUP storage and transportation needs. Tower is the manufacturer direct SUP company with a design-centric focus. We're the manufacturer, the retail store, and the marketing arm all rolled into one... which means you save $100-$150 on premium SUP travel bags for your paddle board. Yes, we're the company that was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and that billionaire Mark Cuban invested in.

Due to the size and fragility of some stand up paddle boards, having the proper paddleboard bag can extend the lifetime of your SUP and make storing and transporting it incredibly easy. At Tower, we have a wide selection of paddle board bags that can fit your needs. From, back packs and dry bags to travel bags and board covers, we've got what you need to ensure your SUP adventures go smoothly.

We Also Offer High Quality Travel Bags for Surfboards
If you're also a surfer, you might know how expensive a good quality travel bag can be for your surfboards. In addition to our high quality SUP board bags, we also offer surfboard travel bags at direct to consumer value so check them out.


Wood Paddle Board | 9'10" Hard SUP
Wood Paddle Board | 9'10" Hard SUP
Wooden SUP Board | 11'5" Hard Board
Wooden SUP Board | 11'5" Hard Board