Paddle Board Car Racks

A stand-up paddle board car rack is an important part of the SUP transportation process. How to store and transport a stand-up paddle board can be serious concerns given the massive size of some of these boards. Having a regular surf rack on your car might work, but it’s a better idea to buy a paddle board car roof rack that’s equipped with wide SUP roof rack pads to keep your board safe and secure.

You’ll also need to figure out what to do with your board when you’re at home. For inside storage, a vertical SUP rack may not be a possibility for many people, since your ceiling may not be high enough to accommodate a 10-to-12-foot board: Most residential ceilings are only 8 or 9 feet high. This means that you’ll need to store your paddle board horizontally. For storing a stand-up board at home, it’s best to get a SUP wall rack that allows you to get your board up off the floor and out of the way. Of course, not all rooms will have a 12-foot-long wall, so depending on the size of your stand-up paddle board, you’ll need to find a suitable room to keep it in, like the living room, a recreation room, or the garage.

Because of the storage and transportation issues involved in owning SUP boards, inflatable SUP boards are an increasingly popular choice, as they can be deflated and rolled up for easy transportation and storage. When you’re ready to hit the water, mount it on an inflatable paddle board roof rack or keep it deflated and stow it in the trunk; it’s your choice.

When it’s time to move a stand-up paddle board, transport it using a high-quality paddle board car rack to keep it safe during the ride. Proper paddle board car racks will provide cushioning between the top of your car and the SUP board, safeguarding your board against damage. Paddle board car racks can come in either a double or single soft rack system. We have single SUP car racks and double SUP car racks for sale to fit almost all cars, vans, and SUVs. A single stand-up paddle board car rack will hold one or two SUPs, while investing in a double stand-up paddle board rack for a car will let you haul four boards (two stacks of two) safely. Either way, you’ll get a sturdy rack with tough metal locking components and heavy-duty 32 mm webbing to keep your SUPs as safe as possible.

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