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Paddle Board Shipment Tracking

How do I track my hard board shipment?

To track your board's progress, you will receive a tracking number after your purchase. You will receive separate tracking number(s) for accessory shipments. Accessories will likely arrive before the board(s). You can retrieve your tracking number via two methods.

Tracking method #1: Via link in order confirmation email

Upon your order shipping, you should have received a "shipment confirmation" email. This email will contain a direct link to your order status and tracking information. Our boards ship via Pilot Freight and your order information page should contain a 9 digit tracking number (something like 06XXXXXXX). You can track that number at Pilot Freight or call them at 1-800-HI-PILOT.

Tracking method #2: Via the "My Account" link below

You can check your order information anytime on our website. Just click on the "My Account" text link at the top of the Tower Paddle Board site. This may prompt you to login to the site with your email address and password (if you ordered via phone your password is likely "tower"). You can use the "forgot my password" link to get your password emailed to you. Once you're logged in, the "My Account" page has a bunch of personalized links. The very top left one says, "Review Orders/Track Packages". Click that to find the order in question, and then click the blue button next to that order that reads, "View or change order." This will take you to a page with all of your order details, including the status and tracking number right at the top of the page. If the order status reads "processing", your order hasn't shipped yet. In that event, the best way to get a quick response is to email us at to inquire about when your order will ship.

We ship boards independently and we're one of the few in the industry to double box all of our boards so they have the best possible chance of arriving intact. Boards arriving damaged is a big issue in the stand up paddle boarding market and it makes for a disappointing customer experience, so we do everything we can to minimize it. Some companies ship paddles with their boards and that creates extra pressure points and leads to even more damage. As such, our paddles and all accessories ship separate. Unlike a UPS shipment, which just sort of arrives at your place, our freight company will call the shipping phone number you provided on your order when the board is in your local area and will schedule a delivery time that works for you.