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Biggest Shark Tank Successes Named to IAB 250

Tower Paddle Boards Named to the IAB 250 Direct Brands to Watch for 2020

San Diego, CA Feb 10, 2020- Of the 3,500 businesses that were analyzed for offering direct-to-consumer products, Tower Paddle Boards was amongst the selection of 250 companies as a growing consumer brand “to watch” for 2020.

Like the company Warby Parker, Tower Paddle Boards was founded in June of 2010. After 10 years of hard work, both companies have been considered a pioneer of the direct to consumer movement. Tower Paddle Boards was selected amongst other brands because of their business model, personalized relationships with consumers, and their go-to-market strategies. As a leader in the SUP industry, Tower strives to create a better future for the consumer economy.

“I think our focus on customer service was a key reason why the IAB selected us for this truly prestigious list,” says Founder/CEO of Tower Paddle Boards Stephan Aarstol.

The key focus on customer service is what Tower Paddle Boards claims to have led them to be named a brand “to watch.” Every employee begins at Tower in customer service to retrieve a strong foundation and become familiar with the most important aspect of the brand. Through building relationships with customers and ensuring one-to-one customer experiences, Tower is able to differentiate themselves amongst other brands. Growing into a beach lifestyle brand, Tower prides themselves on selling products that get customers outside of their comfort zone. Altogether, Tower is well known for the kind of customer service that “surprises and delights” their customers.

Along with their focus on building relationships with customers, Tower has also invented the idea of the 5-hour workday. CEO and Founder of Tower Paddle Boards, Stephan Aarstol, wrote the novel The 5-hour Workday to transition the future of the workplace, live differently, unlock productivity, and connect with customers on a personal level.

Aarstol and his team are extremely optimistic about the future, with employee noting:

“We are so honored to be selected by IAB as a growing brand and will continue to do our best in building the future of the consumer economy.”

To learn more about how Tower was selected as a growing “Hobbies/Lifestyle” Brand, please see here:

About Tower:

The Tower Brand is well known within the US, and at an exponentially growing pace worldwide, as the purveyor of the beach lifestyle. Tower creates products and services that engage and inspire the human spirit. They disrupt markets with their value proposition of selling high-quality at low cost by leveraging their online marketing expertise and their direct consumer online business model.