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SUP Inflatable Paddle Board Bubbles Issue

Is it normal to have a bubble on the bottom of my board? What about clusters of little bubbles?

Yes it is not uncommon to have a small bubble on the bottom of your SUP inflatable paddle board. The larger bubble (about 3" in diameter) occurs directly under the board's valve. This is because we cannot have drop stitching in that area. The bubble will not spread or inhibit the performance of the board. It is simply cosmetic. 

Your inflatable paddle board may also have groups of tiny bubbles. Although this is rare, it does not affect the performance of the board at all, its simply a cosmetic issue. The layers of PVC are glued together and will commonly have small areas where dust or other small particles have settled during the manufacturing process. They too will not grow or inhibit the performance of your SUP. If you are unhappy with either of the bubbles that have formed we do sometimes give cosmetic credits for your purchase. Since these bubbles don't form often, it is likely you will never have them on your SUP inflatable paddle board. Check out our entire list of paddle boards for sale to see which iSUP is best for you.