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Board fishing, also known as extreme fishing or “man on fish,” is no easy task, but it has been around almost as long as surfing has. It was originally done on long boards that were paddled out to the fishing spot in the prone position. While a big enough long board would do the job, they weren’t exactly designed for standing on when not on a wave. Still, adventurous surfers with a penchant for fishing made do, but with the advent of the fishing stand-up paddle board, the game changed. Using a larger fishing paddle board is beneficial because they are much wider, more stable, and specifically designed for standing up or kneeling for the entire trip. With fishing stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) popping up everywhere, board fishing is poised to take off.

Fishing Paddleboard

You can bring an inflatable fishing SUP anywhere you go because it offers more mobility than a small boat or even a surfboard. Unlike a boat, you can launch an inflatable fishing SUP from any spot you can get to on foot, even very shallow places. While a surfboard offers that same amount of mobility, an inflatable fishing paddle board allows you to get around the water faster, which makes the sport all the more accessible. You don’t need a hard board for the fishing SUP lifestyle, either, as the best fishing paddle boards available in our online showroom are inflatable yet still tough enough to use fish hooks around.

A fishing paddle board introduces a balancing element into fishing; it truly becomes a sport when you’re battling a fish as well as battling to not fall off of your paddle board. Like decked-out fishing kayaks, some fishing paddle boards on the market have unique design features to specifically accommodate fishing. You can mount specialty made fishing boxes onto tie-down points on the front of a fishing SUP to hold your gear, hold a paddle, mount pole holders off the sides, and store your catch. It’s a fascinating sport that’s sure to blossom as fishing stand-up paddle boards catch on worldwide.

Dedicated Fishing Stand-Up Paddle Boards Not Required

You can shop for an inflatable fishing paddle board for an ideal fishing SUP experience, but it’s not necessary. Any stable paddle board can be used for fishing. It’s easy to just throw an ice chest on your paddle board to use as a seat, strap a tackle box up front, and start your fishing trip. The best fishing SUP will be a high-quality board that's sturdy and offers good stability. The regular SUPs available for sale in our direct-to-consumer shop, the 14-foot Xplorer ISUP and our Adventurer 2, have wide, stable designs and massive volume that make them ideal fishing paddle boards for anybody interested in using their SUP to try out angling.