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Do Inflatable SUPs Hold Air For Months?

How long does my inflatable SUP hold air for?

We keep our fleet of inflatable SUP boards for our demos inflated for months at a time and they never really seem to lose air. Even though most people think of inflating and deflating their inflatable SUP every time they go out, what a lot of people end up doing is just keeping it inflated. The beauty of these boards is really that they are nearly indestructible (when compared to an EPS/Epoxy boards that are prone to getting nicked up). The ability to deflate them, roll them up, and transport them in a tight space is often times only an occasional thing and sometimes an afterthought on these inflatable boards.

If you live close to where you stand up paddle board, and you have the room to leave your inflatable SUP inflated, then this will be the easiest option for you. You won't have to worry about inflating and deflating your SUP every time you want to use it. You can simply grab it and start paddle boarding. If you keep your inflatable SUP inflated for months at a time it will start to slowly release air. This happens extremely slowly however. If for example you leave your SUP inflated for 10 months it may lose 1-2 PSI's worth of air so nothing that can totally change the integrity of your inflatable paddle boards. You may want to pump a little bit of air into it though if you like it extremely sturdy.