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Inflatable Paddle Board for Sale by Tower

San Diego, CA January 15, 2012 – Tower Paddle Boards, an emerging design and innovation leader in flat water SUP and paddle surfing boards, announced the introduction of an innovative 6 inch inflatable stand up paddle board , the Tower Adventurer.

The Tower 6 inch inflatable is quite a different design than competing inflatable boards. While most inflatable boards are 4 inches thick and 29-30 inches wide, the extra 2 inches of thickness represents a giant leap forward in inflatable SUP rigidity. The extra width combined with the overall increase in volume dramatically improve the floatation and stability of Tower’s inflatable board.

“Put simply, the closer your inflatable SUP is to the shape of a piece of paper, the more flimsy it is, and the closer the shape is to a cube, the more rigid. By going to a 6" thick design, the rigidity doesn't just increase a bit, it increases exponentially.” said Tower SUP founder Stephan Aarstol “As with most people, we were kind of disappointed with the 4" inflatable SUPs on the market, so we tweaked the design and were blown away with the difference the thickness made. Customers can't even believe it's an inflatable once they try it.”

With the Adventurer, an inflatable SUP is not only a viable option, it may be a better option than EPS/Epoxy boards for anyone that travels or does not live right in the surf zone. While inflatable SUPs are still relatively unknown, many customers are turning towards the inflatable option once they try them because of the convenience, price, and their relative indestructibility.

Tower SUP sells its’ inflatable boards direct so their price on the Adventurer is $495. Comparable quality inflatable SUPs retail for $900-$1200. Tower's first production run will start shipping in late April. They're pre-selling now for an extra $100 of the price and the first production run may well sell out before they even start shipping.

“Stand up paddle boarding has not been a convenient sport until now” said Kelly, a Tower Paddle Boards customer. “The option of inflatable SUPs will make it much easier for traveling.”

About Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddle Boards (on the web at is an emerging design and innovation leader in flat water SUP and paddle surfing boards, paddles, accessories, and surf wear. Their flagship retail SUP shop in San Diego carries the Tower brand as well as other SUP boards and stand up accessory brands.