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Top Paddle Boards with Carbon Kevlar Introduced

Tower Paddle Boards Presents Their Carbon Cross Link Line

San Diego, CA January 12, 2015 - Tower continues to be at the innovative forefront of the SUP paddle board industry with their Carbon Cross-Link line. The cutting edge carbon cross-link line is designed at the Tower warehouse in San Diego and is their very first colored line of stand up paddle boards.

The carbon cross-link mesh gives the board a clean, stylish and futuristic design. This material also aids in rigidity, compared to the traditionally epoxy and fiberglass boards. The carbon cross link material is actually Kevlar, which is the same material used in bulletproof vests.

Tower began researching ways to continue to offer their customers high quality products at an affordable price and found that by creating boards from this material, they were able to do just that.

"While Tower's direct to consumer model can save people about $500 on an entry level paddle board, when we started looking at the high-end of the market that works in exotic materials like carbon fiber, that savings number got closer to $1,000," explains Stephan Aarstol, CEO/Founder of Tower Paddle Boards.

Tower has plans to expand the brand by 25 new product lines over the next few years. Tower sells several lines of industry leading paddle boards including classic hard boards, carbon fiber SUPs, and their best-selling inflatable line.

About Tower:

The Tower brand is well known within the US, and at an exponentially growing pace worldwide, as the purveyor of the beach lifestyle. Tower creates products and services that engage and inspire the human spirit. They disrupt markets with their value proposition of selling high-quality at low cost by leveraging their online marketing expertise and their direct consumer online business model.