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Paddle Board Bungee for SUP

Can you install a bungee for more storage?

Yes, you can install a paddle board bungee onto your inflatable paddle board. We sell D-Rings, one of our best paddle board accessories for this purpose. Most people buy 3-4 d-rings and attach to the nose of the board. Our Adventure 2 inflatable paddle board comes with a paddle board bungee at the front nose of the board. However, our other inflatable paddle boards do not come with one. Unfortunately, we do not sell a paddle board bungee separately but you can find a bungee cord at almost any home improvement store. Then you can attach a bungee cord or any sort of stretchy shock cord in an "X" configuration.

The main utility of paddle board bungee is that it allows you to bring a bag or other gear on your paddle board trip. For example, if you own a waterproof dry bag backpack, you can easily fit this under the the bungee to hold any valuable belongings you may want to bring but don't want to get wet. 

Here's a how-to video we made for installing d-rings!