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Paddle Board Care & Maintenance

Do you have any tips for board maintenance?

When cared for properly, paddleboards can last a lifetime, making them an outstanding investment. Follow these paddle board care tips and tricks in order to prolong the life of your boards.

After each use, be sure to rinse your board off with freshwater and let dry fully before storing. Salt water will slowly start to deteriorate and eat away at epoxy and plastic over time if the board is continued to be exposed to it once out of the water.

It is best to keep both inflatable paddle boards and hard boards out of direct sunlight. Store them in a shed, garage, or any sort of covered storage. It's the sun's strong UV rays that can shorten the lifetime of the board.

If your inflatable SUP gets dirty or scuffed up you can use mild soap and water or Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean it. The erasers work like a charm at removing scuff marks and dirt. Same goes for any cleaning necessary on your paddles. We have also had customers use dinghy conditioners on their boards, and they speak highly of the results.

All of our boards now have Gore Tex vent plugs, so they will automatically vent. Still, hard boards can be a bit more sensitive to increased temperatures, so it is very important to keep them out of direct sunlight. Always keep them shaded when out and not in use. It is a good idea to flip the board over so the black EVA foam pad is out of the sun to keep the board's temperature down. This black deck pad is especially prone to attracting heat and in extreme cases can result in your boards deck delaminating. You can clean off scuff marks by rubbing wet sand over the mark, or lightly sanding with high grit sandpaper.