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Paddle Board Dog and Pet Videos

Below we have curated a collection of paddle board dog and pet videos for your enjoyment. Dogs love to join you on your paddle board adventure! It is a relaxing and fun activity for your dog and almost any breed of dog will enjoy it. We like to compare it to the feeling they get when sticking their head out the window of a car. We recommend investing in a dog life jacket if you do decide to bring your pup paddle boarding, to ensure that they stay safe in case you were to fall off your SUP. 

Paddle Boarder with his dog, Monterey Bay

The Paddle Boarding Shih Tzu Puppy – Roxie

Dog on Paddle Board

Yolo Dog

Drake Bay Costa Rica Pup Dog Paddle Boarding:

Stand Up Paddleboard with your dog:

Stand up paddle boarding with Great Dane:

Juju SUP Surf with Dog

Paddle Board Dog

Wendi and Kea Paddle Board

Stand up paddle surf de perros